Be still, my heart!

Oh, the things that make my little heart, you just never cease, do you? <3 Not that I'm complaining.

When my friend Kat of Kat Dy Finds and I met up for a little catch-up session last month, she regaled me with her stories from her stay in the fabulous New York City. This time though, she is now back in Manila for good and is back with a bang. She mentioned about her new baby, which back then, I still had no clue what name or any other detail aside from the fact that it had something to do with accessories.

A Little Something About Kat

In a heartbeat, Kat is someone I'd describe as a true-blue free-spirit, joyful, girl-with-no-baggage woman. I first met her in an impromptu Palawan trip but I've always read about her work in Cosmopolitan, her being its former Fashion Editor.

 Photo from Kat's blog. She wore this ensemble when we had dinner at Mary Grace. I felt so boring in my black and white corporate-ish dress :D

As far as impromptu friendships go, Kat and I hit it off immediately. From Day 1, we spent talking about matters of the heart, big decisions and chasing life. Kat inspired me as well and was with me during that time I was ticking off an item from my list {scuba diving, in which she'll be getting her certification in the next few days!}.

Kat has a knack {and humongous talent!} for putting things together, whether they came from high end stores in New York {where she took up Fashion Merchandising at Fashion Institute of Technology} or just the side streets. I know this because in the four days that we were in Palawan, she managed to bring me to an ukay shop I never would have noticed and yet, she was able to point out really good finds!

Kat wearing her sidewalk steals.

It's just a given that this girl be sharing her accessorizing and fashion talents with the rest of us with her new venture, Martina-Martina!

I've expected that the creations would be astounding but here I am now, my heart is palpitating because I want to order everything but that would make me greedy and not to mention bankrupt. It is to be noted though that Martina-Martina accessories are friendly-priced and did I mention shipping is FREE?

Here are the items that are in my cart at the moment {not yet checking out, ack!}

The most amazing leather bands on top of each other that says "I'm with the band.". I want this for my birthday. Php 350/each

Be an eco-goddess with this bamboo neckpiece. Php

This Turquoise Trio necklace features three hand-sewn turquoise chips suspended from a grosgrain and gold chain link necklace. The muted colors are a great accent to a soft blush maxi dress—a truly stunning outfit worthy of a wedding reception, or a formal event.

I have been looking for an elegant turquoise necklace and wow, this fits the bill! Priced at Php 1,100

How audacious and Filipino is this gripo necklace? Php 350

The Perfect Little Dress. On your neck. Php 360

Say Anything. This radio necklace reminds me of that immortal John Cusack scene. Forever and ever. Php 360

 With this Patternfall Torque Neckpiece, no one will accuse you of being a shy wallflower!
Priced at Php 500

And lastly, my favorite but unfortunately sold out :{

Aren't these the most exquisite blings? And they're just Php 200!

Those are just some of the wonderful accessories available at Martina-Martina. Click on the link for more! :)