Twenty Questions by BJG

So there's another draft waiting to be published at the haystacks but here I am and all I am capable of blogging are bullets. Or maybe single-themed thoughts. Wala lang, baka dahil Pasko. And so before I forget:

Merry Christmas!!!! xx

I've been meaning to share nice things from my Christmas weekend but I'm unusually incoherent so I will just be answering some questions from one of my favorite blogs, Bethany Joy Galeotti. Yes, of the One Tree Hill cast. Every now and then, she interviews women through her blog and the 20 Questions section, the last being my favorite OTH character, Sophia Bush, and has always been my favorite-st part of her blog. Today, indulge me as I pretend to be one of her 'guest' interviewees =P

1 Were You Named After Anyone?

Where my name comes from has multitudes of stories wrapped around it --- that Hindu etymology {Tara meaning star and Jerika meaning princess} but my favorite would have to be that I was named after Scarlett O'Hara's home in Gone With the Wind, which was called Tara Hill, where I named our home after --- Tara Hills =P Which is kind of funny, because also, there's a real Hill of Tara in Ireland. Bongga.

2 Do You Like Your Own Handwriting?
Actually, yes. People tell me I can make a font out of it and that I can use it on Hallmark cards {do people still send those? I want one!} And maybe one day I will make a font out of my handwriting. Soon.

3 What Would Your Superpower be if you could choose one?
Transport myself anywhere I want to. It would be so cool to be anywhere in the world anytime I like. 

4 Are you an Optimist or Pessimist?
Eternally an optimist but lately, I've taken it down a notch because optimism led me to become too trusting and that got me into trouble.

5 What do you collect?
Happy, unforgettable memories, the best kwento ever for my future grandkids, books I can pass on to grandchildren and stamps on my passport.

6 What movie would your friends be surprised that you like?
My Amnesia Girl. As I type this, it's trending on Twitter because it's being shown on Cinema One and most people from work were surprised that I watch Tagalog films now. I used to shy away from them especially the ones with politicians in them or really cheesy beach-singing scenes. I hated those. Philippine cinema is so much better now {as if I have a right to judge, ha!}

7 What are your favorite smells?
A newly-born baby, baby products, vanilla, green tea, the scent of people I love and lemongrass.

8 Coffee or Tea?
Coffee. I cannot kid myself to drink tea except The Spa's Ginger Tea <3

9 Wine or Beer?
Wine if I'm feeling grown up and if I'm , beer on regular days. Never together, I'm going to be really messed up then.

10 What is the best thing you've ever eaten? (Where?)
A brownie I've eaten maybe ten months ago. I forget where we got it. It was three layers of foodgasm that made me forget about a lot of things. 

11 Mac or PC?
I rarely open my laptop -- these days, if only to blog. I am usually on my iPad and at work, I use a PC with the body of a Mac. Winner lang di ba?

12 What are you listening to right now?
Florence + the Machine, Skint and Demoralised and Pitbull. Yes, I cannot get over him.

13 What career would you pursue in another life?
A fashion photographer and stylist. Sort of like Garance Dore. Or Annie Leibovitz. Wait, I can do that this lifetime. Maybe I will.

14 What sound or noise to you love?
Uncontrollable belly laughs, live music, the voice of people I love and French baby talk.

15 What sound or noise do you hate?
City sounds like bickering in the streets {during traffic jams in Manila, you'll hear so much of this}, jeepney tires screeching and incessant nagging.

16 Mountains or Beach?
The beach, definitely. This girl loves the seaside and the waves when it kisses the shore.

17 Cook or Bake?
Neither. I'd love to say I am an expert at cooking but I am only mediocre at both. I really should hone those skills.

18 Do you go to restaurants and movies by yourself?
Of course! Gone are the days that people will think you're a weirdo for going on alone-dates and maybe they would but I really don't care much. I love my own company, it's the time that I hear my own thoughts and I get inspired for my next projects thoroughly.

19 What is your favorite fairy tale or childhood story?
The Princess and the Pea.

20 What would you tell the 13 year old you?
It's not the end of the world and your life gets better each day.

If you feel like answering BJG's 20 Questions, feel free to do so and I invite you to share with me the link at the comments section. xx

Happy Holidays!