Foodie Post: Fish and Co.

It's a Friday night and I'm here in front of my laptop and being a total loser. Ha! I've got a wedding to attend tomorrow early morning and sadly, I can't join the party happening at Whitespace, Chino Roces [the J & J one, *sniff]. 

Last time, when the BF and I went to Ayala Town Centerto watch the Proposal, we ate at Fish and Co. while waiting for the last full show and here are my thoughts on our dining experience:

*Disclaimer:The following are just the author's opinion and I am in no way claiming I'm an expert :) Thanks.

Fish and Co. says:

At Fish & Co., all seafood is prepared in a simple and straight - forward manner. Using only the freshest fish and seafood; Fish & Co. pans out great tasting meals in generous portion - as a mark of quality and value.

Lemonade for me and Strawberry Lemonade for the BF

Php 80 ea., Bottomless

For the mains, I ordered:

New York Fish and Chips served with White Rice

(instead of chips), Php 465.00

The BF's order: Grilled Salmon Cajun

Php 565.00

Overall Comments:

  • Both the lemonade and the strawberry lemonade were perfect. However, the glass [yes, the glass] does not appeal to me for some reason. This may not be a problem to some :)
  • Service was extremely good. It was only a minute before we were seated and it took only two sticks of Marlboro Lights before the food were served.
  • The BF's salmon is okay for dinner but my fish and chips were not. It was supposed to be fish and chips but I figured I'd be really bored with my food after three bites so I chose white rice instead. It makes for a great meal, but it's so big that the BF finished it instead. Besides, it was so dry. 
  • Reallllyyy big servings. This may be a plus to many but it's not to me. I'd love to eat a variety every meal, which is why I'd prefer small servings. 
  • Fish was indeed, fresh. But I just wish they did not serve it on pans and then they would have to redo their whole marketing strategy so I guess that's okay.
  • I think that the meals are kind of pricey -- especially that the vibe I was getting was that they were going for casual eating. Think booth tables and yellow lamps. It was a little too casual to have a meal worth Php 500 and above.

I give this restaurant only 3 stars. It was good trying it but I will have to try other restaurants next time. Especially since Pepper Lunch recently opened at ATC, as well, I wanna eat some Shimofouri steak!

Fish & Co., Alabang Town Center

Corte de las Palmas, Ground Floor
Alabang Town Center, Alabang-Zapote Rd.
Muntinlupa City, Metro Manila
(02) 659-3476