Pinay Pride

Swooned over this:

And now this:

Yep, that IS a Bea Valdes purse.

On Kate Moss, if you haven't noticed, is a Bea Valdes neckpiece. Isn't that Pinay Pride, or what?


  • I broke my two consecutive weeks of being sober and drank about two liters of *wait, let me scramble for my memory* FAIL, I don't-remember-my-drink last Saturday at Tav Asia. 
  • All my drunkenness disappeared into thin air when we were driving home and couldn't see through the pouring rain at 3 AM. 
  • Older friends are heaven-sent. No offense to anyone who is older than me but you guys give wisdom to me who's still learning the ropes of streetsmarts-ism. My eternal gratitude.
  • I finally got my locks chopped off, a good four inches were removed. Now, if I only knew what style I can incorporate to these as I really am tired with curls but don't know what else suits me. Help?
  • Happiness can come in sporadic bursts. As soon as I declared I was happy for the day, with one snap I was again back to my discombobulated and antsy state. 

I do hope all is well with you, especially my fellow Filipinas. The weather is crazy! The rains are nonstop. Don't forget your umbrellas and Wellies and a bottle of sanitizer. Keep safe and healthy, everyone!


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