I Fly Like Paper, Get High Like Planes

I'm still feeling a high from all the travels I've done. The BFF and I had a nice trip in the land of cheap Charles and Keith [and oh, Vincci!] shoes ----- KK, Malaysia ---and I really haven't recuperated. You see, while I thought we were lose our minds resting at the beach, we ended up partying like crazy and yep, shopping till our legs gave up.

That's Ranie [whom we call Bebe], teh BFF, myself and Chris.
Ranie and Chris are both from Malaysia, which was a good thing because
we definitely looked like we knew how to get around. Ha!

 I'm attempting to read everything on my Google Connect but my head is still hazy as I went out for a party as soon as I got home from the airport last night. I'm trying to get the hang of being connected again, after being celly-less in KK. I tell you, there is so much fun in being un-connected to the world sometimes.
Now if you'll excuse me, I have a luggage to unpack and a ton of chores to do, boo.