Things I Love Sunday

I really gotta stop changing the days on my 'Things I Love' post, don't you think? I just came back from Subic and I'm still groggy from lack of sleep, testing websites in between and packing stuff. But I'd like to take time to relish the good feeling of thinking about the good things I had this week, and of course to thank Him for all of these.

Celebrating my 24th at a beach. Dancing and more dancing. Free-flowing drinks. James Jean. The Unbearable Lightness of Being. Lorenzo von Matterhorn. Nikuman Chinese Buns. Dancing Heads. Early morning greets. Blowing candles out at 24. Boxes and boxes of clothes. Bajillion shoes I never thought I had. Love. Lootbags as big as me.

Happy week ahead!
Here's to a kinder and wiser year.