Oh Nine.

It was definitely a tumultuous year --- a year of losses, cutbacks, roller-coaster rides and it was a year that changes had to be made. Just like wine, diamonds, or steel, one has to undergo certain hardships, fires and trials. In more ways than one, this year has made me and my country emerge stronger than ever.

So before the year ends (or it may have ended by the time you read this), let me share (and be thankful) for the milestones and mishaps, lessons learned of my 2009.

  • Plenty of firsts for me and my girlfriends. If there’s anything I do less when I’m with my girls, it would be partying and drinking and night outs. This year sure has improved our nocturnal skills as we’ve been able to go out more, get crazier and bond more as the sun rises and our alcohol tolerance gets lower and lower until I barely remember how the hell I got home. True story.
  • Bohol with Girlfriends – It was a first as well, for me and my girlfriends to ride a plane together and it was super fun! It was a memorable trip to Bohol last February and I’m looking forward to us going somewhere using our passports this 2010.
  • Learned a New Sport (Bowling) Can I tell you how much I hate sports? I hate wearing rubber shoes or any sport shoe for that matter because I don’t like looking pandak and I hate getting sweaty. In 2009, I took my first bowling ball and the rest was history. And it wasn’t bad, too cos we got to take home the championship trophy!
  • Do not worry about the things you can’t control. If it will bomb, it will bomb. I’ve yet to master this but I’m really glad to have had my headstart.
  • Causes. 2009 for me was a year of The Cause. I see causes/advocacies being started every day in 2009 (Ako Mismo, Ako ang Simula, etc.) In July, our team at work launched an advocacy campaign, It’s Time!,educating Filipinos on financial matters and I’m very glad to be very involved in it! Then there was the run, which doesn’t make me a runner nor an environmentalist but it was a chance for us to be a part of something very big and beneficial for the country. Which reminds me, don't forget to join my contest!
  • Daily Blogging and Great Friends. I’ve definitely improved on my blogging this year, as last year, I promised I’d write more. It wasn’t that I had nothing to write about. It was because I didn’t think the topics I wanted to write about before were very read-worthy. I guess, it was only a matter of looking at things from different angles and that made all the difference. It was also in this year that I’ve gained more blogger friends and strengthened the ones I already have, and for that, I’m really very, very thankful.
  • Met new friends from other countries. When the BFF and I went to KK in September, we met up with Chris, who introduced us to a whole bunch of cool people who took us around and gave us a tour of KK.
  • Bonding with people from work. Our department is kind of secluded in the building, with our office at the 5th Floor while the rest of the company is at 10F and up. When our big boss announced that we should win the Team Performance contest, we were amazed how practice (and a common goal, BTW) can bring three departments together for one AMAZING WIN.
  • TV’s glorious year. At least for me. 2009 was the year I got into watching all these fab series (and man, I just started watching Glee last night and I’m hooked!). My favorite TV series is now The Big Bang Theory, outshining How I Met Your Mother this year. Frankly, while I love both Barney and Robin, the two of them together makes a very boring episode season.

 How come nobody told me this man is in Glee? Hotness! Oh and Jim Parsons (Sheldon Cooper on TBBT) and Lea Michelle (Glee's Rachel Berry) in one video!

Happy New Year, my dear bloggers!

It’s been another year and I would like to thank you all for inspiring me to write, for writing all these fabulous blogs I read everyday and for being a source of my happiness this 2009. Cheers to more friendship, more happy posts and a fruitful 2010!