Review: Venus and Mars Antibacterial Brush Soak

With the holidays giving each and every corporate lass time to bond with family, friends, (boyfriend/s, if you must), including myself, I took the opportunity to clean my brushes really well and give them the TLC they deserve. After all, Christmas is all about giving and give I shall.

I never made a review about this wonderful product -- and truth be told, I've always kinda took brush cleaners for granted. It was only this weekend when I realized their importance and I vow to never underestimate brush cleaners ever again.

I was fortunate to have made it early to


's prebuy for the

Venus and Mars' Antibacterial Brush Set

cos it came with a free soak (yay!). It's been nearly six months since I've had it and I'm nowhere near half of the bottle and I've been using it every two weeks (on alternate with my other brush cleaner from Elianto).

What Venus and Mars says:

This Antibacterial Brush Soak is designed to prolong the beauty of your makeup brushes, preserve the antibacterial factor of the V&M brushes and keep bacteria from harboring in the bristles.
Use your brushes merrily with this brush shampoo, without the fear of getting bacteria on your face
Tip: Clean your makeup brushes with this antibacterial soak every week.

I'm damn scared of getting bacteria on my face but darn too lazy wash them brushes, too. Thank goodness for cleaners that make the process extra special.

Sidestory: You know, when I was younger, I despised cleaning my brushes and even if I wanted to, I had no idea how to do it, hence buying really cheapskate brushes and throwing them when they were dirty. Of course, I didn't throw them every week so you can just imagine how dirty they were. I shiver at the thought.

Up until now, I still have no idea how to clean them right despite reading a lot from beauty blogs here and there. Do I soak them and watch color mud the water? Do I scrub them? Do I put drops of this into a pail of water and let it do its work?

I did come up of my own method (I'm questioning its originality though). Because of this cleaner's consistency, which is shampoo-like to an extent, I wash the bristles of my brushes like I would do real hair. I rinse the brushes with tap water first then apply 'shampoo', rinse and when the water's clear, I 'towel' it off with a handtowel.

What I Like about this product:

  • Brushes are squeaky clean and soft after cleaning. It does the job after all. 
  • I can feel that it's not harsh to my brushes at all. Whenever I use Elianto's Brush Cleaner, I kinda wince every time cos it emits a stingy smell (kind of like bleach but softer).
  • I can use my hands while shampooing my brushes and not be afraid that it's going to dry my skin. Again, the only other experience I have with cleaners is with Elianto. And if compared with that, Venus and Mars is definitely the winner.
  • It's organic. What else can you say about that? :D
  • It's reasonably priced at Php 149.00 ($3) per 50 mL. And like I said I'm not even halfway done. Yay!
  • Locally available here or here.

What I don't like about it:

  • Geez. The packaging. 

Will I buy this again?


Venus and Mars Botanicals
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