Of Mini Retreats, Getting Unplugged and Decaffeinated

One of the things I like about where I work is how the company is bent on having its people work towards being work-life balanced. I know many companies in the Philippines are like my employers, but I know some companies can be really strict on vacation leaves, too. I'm lucky enough to be on the bright side of the spectrum.

Just as March was hitting its middle mark, a friend asked me to go to Boracay by the end of the month, leaving me a little less than two weeks' notice (and preparation, to boot!) I of course, agreed and packed my bags (and suits!) a day before we left.

The trip was, more than a whole lot of things, a welcome retreat from the craziness my life was beginning to resemble. I'd barely been getting 8 hours of sleep a day, barely eating on time and barely able to reflect on the blessings I've been getting from him.

Realistically, we had a bunch of hassle encounters on our way to the Philippines' ultimate summer getaway (i.e.: getting diverted to the Kalibo airport due to a minor accident in the Caticlan airport, therefore having to endure a 2-hour bus ride to the port), stuck in traffic in Buendia for a good 30 minutes) but God is so good because apart from all the beautiful things I've experienced once again, the beautiful views and the great food I've been eating, it was the lessons, thoughts and reflections I value the most from my trip.

 But first, here are some snapshots:

 The view from where I parked myself.

A very oily me, after a dozen massages with a mojito, of course!

Oh and it was happy hour, too! I swear, Red Coconut's mojitos are the best!

The biggest Tiger Prawns I've ever seen, from a quaint Italian restaurant (why they have it escapes me)

What greets me in the mornings (We stayed at the Cohiba Villas). This place is so spacious!

The heavenly strawberry-banana shake from the famous Jonah's. Their pineapple-lemon shake was a winner, too!

The view from our villa, kinda like reminds me of Mallorca.

 Damn, the beach is gorgeous. I seriously want to go back with D and Y.

Having breakfast at Zuzuni, just before going to Helmet Diving

Dancing with my Romanian friend, Irina at Hey, Jude

 Fire Show at Bamboo Lounge

My Vodka Kurant and the shots at the Sober Club bar.

Fireworks by the beach at Don Vito Restaurant

And so, as I plonked down my bags and myself onto my bed upon coming home, I realized that a few days of being unplugged (no laptops and no internet for me), decaffeinated (only fruitshakes for the duration of the trip) and isolated from the city life, I learned the following about myself, and life in general: Many times, I told myself I am content and happy with what and who I have, but there have been times wherein I've gotten into webs of opportunities I've tried out of what ifs in my heads, but failed. And I guess, it's not entirely failure, it just means it didn't quite pan out how I would have liked it, but they'd still make great experiences. The trip pointed out a lot of questions, lots of things I'm glad to have let go, reaffirmed a myriad of my fears (commitment, amongst others), fueled long mooned-over joys (such as swimming) and stirred a warm dose of peace into my heart.

Things might not have played out how my friends I pictured it would have, given the spontaneity of it all, but it sure was a fun and profound four days of my life. I can't thank God enough for these seemingly little lessons in life, among many, many things such as having the friends who pluck you out of life for little adventures and the resources to go onto these little luxuries.

I am still beaming despite being about ten shades darker, too. Despite missing JT in concert (and it was a date, too!), Imogen Heap and darn, did I miss something else?

What about you? Learn anything good lately?

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