Je Ne Sais Quoi: Get that certain something

When I was a kid, one of my favorite toys to play with were my Barbie dollsPolly Pocket and *surprise* paper dolls. I don't know about you but being a kid of the 1990s, paper dolls were so much of a hit everywhere because they were so cheap and you can bring a lot to play at school. Even as a kid, I loved mixing and matching outfits, imagining them in my head days before I wear the outfit --- ah the downside of having a uniform at school. I pour my frustration into my dolls.

I think one of the reasons why I'm so hooked into Looklet is because it is like playing with paper dolls but lightyears advanced and with designer items to boot. Imagine my joy when Shen called to invite me to become her stylist partner for Promod's Style It For Me, Je Ne Sais Quoi Styling Contest. I had to say yes! After all, dressing up mannequins was super fun and really, it was more than using cardboards or dragging pixels to dress a virtual model. It's a mannequin! And our styles will be put up on an exhibit-slash-contest tomorrow, April 29th!

The theme said Je Ne Sais Quoi, which means "A certain something," but we highly doubt that meant crazy layers and un-wearable pieces. As someone incredibly frustrated with some Filipinas who have yet to dress up more adventurously, I was all game and excited for it.

Carrie Shen and I chose this ensemble as our official entry because the outfit says one thing: " I'm chic and you and I know it."

The Owl Necklace that made me and Shen scream in excitement

White sunnies and a colorful scarf used as a belt are also key pieces of this look What I love the most about this outfit is how it is perfect for my upcoming flight to Mexico. We know how airplane air can go up so I'd need something that would protect me from the cold [especially since my stopover will be in Tokyo, Japan] while still comfy enough to roll up when I land in the heat of Cancun.

Audrey Don't you just love how French this outfit is?

Nautical-print Blazer, Cap-sleeved LBD, belt with chunky hardware, red wayfarers, a floral scarf and a long-strapped purse comprise our modern version of the Audrey Hepburn outfit.

Madonna Just because Shen and I are still hung over from the all-Madonna episode of Glee last week.

Truth be told, we are not even sure if it was Madonna's face emblazoned on the knit sweater on this ensemble cos it looks like it's Kate Moss from one angle, or Twiggy maybe? We don't care. For us, it's Madonna and this is our homage to the

Material Mom.

My favorite detail of course is the polka-dot bag. Although in my mind, she would have had polka-dotted lingerie inside, too!

Serena When it was time for us to ogle the mannequin we dressed up and to take photos of it, Shen and I realized that the ensemble is reminiscent of Serena's outfit in the first episode of Gossip Girl when she returns to NYC from boarding school!

How serendipitous is that? Okay, I'm not sure if serendipitous was the right word but I just really would like to use the word.

We love wayfarers!

And as for the last (first, actually) I wasn't able to take a photo as I was too engrossed with hauling clothes to and from the fitting rooms and the racks. Well, I guess you'd just have to see it all for yourself if you ever are in the Megamall Atrium tomorrow, April 29 at 3PM!

Wish me and Shen lots of luck! And please say hi if you are going to be there!

Bear hugs and bunny kisses,