The Promod Styling Challenge: We Won!

I've had one of, if not the most exhilarating moments of my life as a fashion enthusiast --- winning the Promod Styling Challenge last April 29th. Of course, I do not take credit for all of it. Entries were judged according to the physical entry (mannequins dressed up head-to-toe in Promod garb) and the blogger/entrant's blog post about the entries (basically the rationale of why it was styled as such). I owe the shopping spree I had to my partner Shen Gee, who put words into the whims of our styling choices, rationalized that innate tugging at our my heart to include the sequined messenger bag with "Carrie," pore over which celebrities we thought of the afternoon night we tirelessly ran all over the Megamall branch of Promod searching for items we were including in our ensembles and took photos of the ensembles from all angles.

 I love the bicycle detail. Good job, Char and Pam!

Shen's and my winning ensemble

The winning write up about this ensemble by Shen Gee:
Who can't wait for the next installment of Sex and The City Movie and who didn't love her at the last season where she spent it in Paris? Promod had a lot of ready-to-wear that says Carrie Brandshaw. This is but one item we thought that is so, well, Carrie!

Gone are the days that women needed chaperon where ever they go. Now, all women aspire to go where ever they please, travel the globe with friends to see the sights that awaits them. Tara, having traveled to many places while I dream of doing so, created an outfit that will suit the travel-savvy in all of us.

The jumpsuit made soft denim fabric is lightweight that allows for a comfortable journey. White tank top to give that sense of calm for a weary voyage ahead. Multi-colored gladiator sandals to keep up from all the walking one does when seeing another place. We thought Carrie wouldn't be caught dead in flats but we Pinay still yearns for comfort when traveling.

With scarf for a belt that could be converted into a shawl for cold summer nights. Who would forget the oversize glasses to protect our eyes from the harsh rays of the sun. Nobody wants a squinter in the photos, do we? The necklaces completes this emsembles, both seemingly inspired by my African precious stones and Indian feathers. A great accent when traveling.

Oh! Let us not forget the gray oversize body bag for all the things one wishes to collect when travelling. We not only reduce the need for plastic bag but it can accomodate all the travel essential one needs.

We were hoping the mannequins have heads for the outfit would surely go the next level when a soft white and gold scarf we saw at Promod would look so good as a head-wrap, Carrie Bradshaw style.

 Bianca Consunji's winning entry beside ours

More than winning, I, without bullshit, admit that the joy I got was mostly from the day we had styling the mannequins (we were at the store at 2 PM and ended up at 8 PM). We were that fickle. Plus, we hung out at the store so long that we were still there when the other stylist/bloggers arrived and started mixing and matching their ensembles. It definitely was the highlight of the event.

Bloggers, unite!
Photo Credit: Azrael Coladilla
 [damn it, I wasn't able to change so I look like a corporate person out of place in this photo. Ack!]
 My partner in style and myself

And because we won 12,000 GCs from Promod, we immediately went to the store
for what else? SHOPPING! Here's what I bought:

Blue gray pumps in Size 37 [Php 2,695]

The Stepford Wife Dress [I just like calling it that]
Php 2,695

Love and Kisses from Morocco Top [Yes, I just coined that name, too]
Php 1,295

Candy Raindrops Necklace Php 695

Really though, despite all these items we've shopped, the best things for me was having lots of laughs and girl talk with the bloggers of the Philippine Blogosphere: Shen (my partner and Little Miss Sunshine as ever), Nikki, Shanna, Lace, Joe, Tessa, Bambi, Lauren, Alex, Earth (who displayed such uncanny support!) and Az, too! 

Video by Caroline and Nicolai

Special thanks to Char Vilchez of Stratworks, Pam Sison and Janelle of Promod. Oh and I almost forgot Kuya Mark who helped us tirelessly load the clothes into the heavy mannequins!

To you my dear readers who wished us luck, thank you from the bottom of my heart!

I'm sorry I haven't been updating as much. Work has gone crazier (good kind of crazy) and right now, I'm in the City of Smiles and Sugarcane, Bacolod for our financial literacy advocacy. I hope you girls are having a great time as I am!

Bear hugs and bunny kisses,