If Money was Not a Requirement...

I'd be a Librarian.

But money and a steady career path is a requirement for me in choosing a job so therefore, I am not living my life as I dreamed of: being a librarian.

As a kid, I used to haul off into the school books I found joy reading, eg. Ladybug classics, shelves and shelves ofSweet Valley Twins books, Nancy Drew books etc. I started a library corner at the back of our classroom and I used to pepper it with books I've finished reading, and stick them with cutouts from Manila folders, with carefully typewritten lines to form a decent Borrower's Card.

When the school year ended, so did my books. My classmates never returned my precious books but as a young kid, I thought, "

Hey that's okay. At least my classmates were reading ." But I was not about to start a life of philanthropy, so needless to say, my books stayed in my room and in my personal library.

Today, I do not have a very extensive library but I'm proud to say that I've acquired quite a number of books, some classics, some real shallow. I think I have at least fulfilled my childhood dream every time I arrange my books per genre and per author {not the Dewey Decimal System, ha ha}. I get a high just by looking at them and someday, when I move in to my own house, I would have a room dedicated to my books and even more, when I can afford it, I want to build a coffee shop that's also a library.

But for the moment, let me share with you some Etsy

finds I thought would look great if I ever had that coffee shop slash library already. Hopefully this inspires me to grow a business gene because sadly, I don't have one, not even the tiniest bit! :|

Wallfpaper dress  from GimmeNicole's shop

Polka Dot Dress, from Karla's Closet

And because when you're a librarian, you'd need a nice neckpiece to accentuate the upper half of your body... Necklace by RiRi Fisch

I'm tempted to make library cards again, for MYSELF :P Letterpress printed cards by ilfant

And to inject a little something of me in this post, here's a glimpse of my own library:

This is supposedly the shallow side of my shelf but hey, I can see Naked  by David Sedaris and Og Mandino's The Greatest Salesman in the World, which means I have to exercise being a librarian and arrange my books again!

And these are my 'bedside table books' aka the books I read in between turns, books that I turn to when I need cheering up or books I refer to when I need how to respond to a boy {ssshh, that's a secret!}

When I'm able to fix my garage of a library, I'll take a photo and show every side to you. Mean time, I leave ya with the two photos above and my pangarap  outfits for when I become a librarian.

How is your Monday? I hope it's lovely!