I Will Miss You.

The first major "valuable" thing that was ever stolen from me was my wallet, with a significant amount of cash, credit cards and government-issued IDs. It was back at our home in Las Pinas and I brought along 10 members of our group to shoot for a project. It was my first time to lose something more valuable than a favorite pen or a skirt PLUS the theft was done right at my house. I immediately called the credit card companies and cancelled my cards. I remember I was crying so much that the customer service rep on the phone was sympathizing with me, she must've been so used to crying girls who lost their credit cards and wallets.

Two days after, my "lost" wallet turned up at my desk in school but not with my cash in it. I do remember my groupmates trying to guilt-trip the stealer into confession but in the end I just said that if she wants the cash, it's fine, all I needed were my licenses, my cards and my IDs. And so the wallet returned.

My second encounter with theft was last night. I was eager to see some friends whom I haven't seen in a while so they carted me off to Republiq. It was not even five minutes after I settled down on the Gold area {we had a table, for goodness' sakes} when I saw my bag was open and my camera {a Sony T70} was nowhere to be found. I realized immediately that it was gone and with a sinking feeling, too. 

Ha! I don't even have a picture of it :|

I reported the case to the receptionist and security, who took my number and the details of my camera {model, color etc.} so that if they ever found it {which I doubt they would}, they would give me a call. I guess I thought right because my phone did not ring this afternoon. I was so bummed because I had an FOTD and I went home looking great like my makeup was even better!

So anyway, I woke up with a heavy heart {but a smooth skin, it was funny I did not know whether to pout or to smile}because I really loved my baby pink camera. It was the first camera I bought with my own money, too! When it comes with material things, I tend to be more sentimental, reasons why I don't replace things {eg. I have the same car I've bought with my own money when I turned 18} if they're still working fine. I tried to cheer up myself though, with things my mother would tell me when something bad happened to me, like "You should be glad it's not you who's stealing things." After all, it's something I could easily buy again, from money I could earn again. But I really loved this camera to bits so please excuse me while my heart breaks in silence.

Lesson Learned:  Stop using a low-slung bag, especially if going to crowded places like Republiq and other bars in Manila. Admittedly, I guess I was also a prime target that night, because my bag was near my hip and people were squishing with each other every now and then and my hands were both loaded with a drink and a stick. My only sigh of relief from that incident was that I'm glad the thief did not take my phone because then I would've screamed right there and then because it's much more expensive but of course screaming wouldn't have done anything. Another friend lost all the contents of her bag that night, too! At the moment, I cannot be convinced to go back to Republiq, though.

Oh. And with the outbreak of younger criminals these days, I wouldn't be surprised there was theft that night even at posh clubs like Republiq. While I was watching TV Patrol last week, they stated that there was a significant increase in criminal acts involving the youth {teens to 25 year olds}. It was shocking and scary at the same time.

So let me warn and gently remind you, to take care of your belongings everywhere you go. I am guilty of not being very careful only because I don't ride public transportation anymore, which was wrong. In Manila, we should all be careful all the time. It's a good thing I've learned to loosen my grip on material things lately, else this would've been harder. However, we always need to take care of things we worked hard for lest they get stolen by thieves posing as club patrons.

On the other hand, I really did wake up with smooth skin but hey, that's another story. As for now, I'm not bawling my eyes out but I really do miss you, Sony T70 :|

Stay safe and don't leave your valuables unattended,