Things I Love Sundays

Quite honestly, I'm just thankful that I've made it alive to make a 'Things I Love Sundays' post. The past week has been, IDK, the busiest I've ever had in months, the most demanding. I have barely had time to entertain my own thoughts, let alone allow myself to wander in thoughtlessness, which I do every so often. I've been talking to someone in person, someone was ringing me up on my office phone, I was responding to work emails and texting all the freaking same ten minutes. This week certainly broke the record of "

Most expletives said in a matter of hours.' Work has been thrice as demanding, I've succumbed to to working two shifts in a day: one for my regular job and second for a week-long project that kind of resembles my days as a college student editing videos, photos and writing and proofreading theses.

I have to admit that this week pushed me to the next level of my crankiness that even my boss would be so nice to me as asking nicely if he can talk to me, taking a step back when my eyes would squint in irritation. Even my boss' boss got the memo that I was on the warpath and has been nicer than ever to me. Oh what I did to have such wonderful people in my life :|

I honestly did not think the rollercoaster weekend would ever end but suddenly, on a Saturday night when my legs were sending bombthreats to my brain and my tummy was complaining of constantly being in fitting clothes, I suddenly found myself enjoying a glass of cabernet sauvignon with the best people in the world. I, after all, still had so much to thank Him for.

My boss. We have the most unique relationship, probably one unheard of in the history of bosses. And despite our oddities and our love-hate relationship, I'm so glad he's my boss. Javier Bardemas Felipe in the movie Eat, Pray, Love. I caught the movie, in an attempt to retain some sort of sanity before plunging headfirst to an event the day after.

Darn, it feels good.

What He's Poised to Do by Ben Greenman. I mused over at Facebook that I was in search of this book but was a bit hopeless that it was not going to be available here and guess what? Fully Booked texted me that it was and a copy with my name on it was waiting for me.

My friend, Tiny, picked it up for me the next day.

What He's Poised to Do by Ben Greenman {Php 588} Available at Fully Booked , Bonifacio High Street Bono and wife Ali Hewson for Louis Vuitton.

During those sleep-deprived nights working, while listening to U2, I asked a friend: "What does it feel like kaya to be Bono's wife, no?"

Friend: Ano pa, edi astig araw araw.

The statement conjured an image of Bono with an apron and a syanse, still wearing shades, and cooking for his wife, Ali, so I Googled them to replace the rather ridiculous image and this popped:

Every Journey Begins in Africa Bono and Ali Hewson for Louis Vuitton Photographer: Annie Leibovitz

Ikaw na ang pinagdadala ni Bono ng bag. Wala nang mas aastig pa.

Being kind, when you're at wit's end is $%$^%* hard.

But when you're able to pull it off, the good karma is unbelievable. I never knew I was capable of such kindness but I am kinda getting addicted to the feeling so I'm going to have to try my best to get that feeling again everyday. Inspiration and entertainment in one.

Being capable of the feeling of gratitude.

An analytical mind that comes in handy at the most opportune times. A strong sense of self. And character.

What are you thankful for today?
Bear hugs, shooting stars and love,