Dear Chin, You Can’t NOT Give Me This Dress Because…

Dear Never Girl,

I'm at a loss to why you can't not give me this dress. 

The feeling is kind of the same way when I've been asked why I blog about the things I blog about. Or that time when I was asked why I had been smiling so damn giddily. Or that time when I sat in front of a boy during our last moments together at a coffee shop at Greenbelt 5, telling him that I came for a reason, but when he asked what the reason was, my speech skills were rendered meaningless. I couldn't ask him to stay and I couldn't tell him I liked him.

But that is, of course, irrelevant.

All I know is, I gotta have it {See, I even asked for the link}, because I can already imagine myself in it. The flower-ish detail, which reminds me of this post, the aquamarine color which looks best against my yellow-toned skin, the length, to accentuate my longer than normal legs, the black sash that cuts across the midsection for a boost of figure ---- it spoke to me. But I couldn't exactly transcend it into words. That is a shame considering you're a great writer, and to wow you in favor of this dress is a must. But I'm doing a disservice to this entry. And so because the progression of memories and feelings for this dress trigger a phase in my life, I shall dedicate this song to this entry:

Still, no words.

Although I can promise you three things:
  1. An OOTD, just because beautiful dresses deserve all the attention that they deserve, all the ooh-ing and aah-ing that they can hear
  2. That I shall wear it the first time on a date, or to something productive, like a business meeting {with a blazer, probably}
  3. That I can inspire someone, too, to start wearing dresses. Our nation is too full of jeans-wearing females, we need more dresses.