How I Keep Angry Rashes at Bay through The Body Shop's Olive Dry Oil Mist

Growing up in a tropical country, especially in a humid one, such as the Philippines, one would expect anyone's skin would be haywired to have stocked up on natural moisture with all the oil we can produce when it's hot and humid.


If there's anything that I don't like when the calendar steps into the -ber months is that once the weather scale goes lower, my skin's dryness goes notches and notches higher and I produce ugly rashes. It's a sad fact I've learned to live with {and do something over} for the last decades and well, still striving to live with.

On normal non-ber months, my skin can live with normal lotion {I use Bath and Body Works' White Citrus from K}but ever since September stepped in, this is what's in my boudoir:

Moisture Staples: The Body Shop Soft Hands, Kind Heart Hand Cream and The Body Shop Olive Oil Dry Oil Mist. I have had my reservations on body oils when I was younger. I have a crazy aversion to anything that feels like I'm being roasted in flames, and body oils, just these two words, make me feel like walking on coals just by hearing them. I received my nth bottle of the TBS oil last summer when I found myself going to impromptu beach trips every month from T. While the product works great slathered on whilst tanning or baking in the sun, I didn't like that I was greasy so I had placed it on the back burner for a while, until the chilly months came rolling in. It works like a miracle on my very dry skin so let me put out a good word for it out there.

The Good:

  • The scent. The olives in this TBS classic is not, take note, not, at all like your standard extra virgin coconut oil. It smells luxurious, like how a glass of martini with olives would. I love {as well as some people, too}smelling it on me, on evenings my day is slowly winding down, a proof that the scent really lingers a long time.
  • Moisture, moisture, moisture. The main reason why I've kept stock of this {alternated with Neutrogena Body Oil over the years}is because of the moisturizing properties of the product. If like me, you have extra super duper dry skin, this is your best bet that your skin won't flake out on you, pun intended.
  • Dries to a non-oily, non-sticky finish. I spray this olive mist every morning after bath and before I apply my sunblock and it doesn't take long to dry it out. The instructions said to pat dry with a towel after applying but my skin seems to have absorbed it faster than I reach for one of my soft, warm towels.
  • Prevents my 'I'm Dried Out' rashes from making an appearance. As I've said, I have pink rashes that come out when the weather changes suddenly, or when it's  too dry for comfort. The latter happens a lot these days so I need a moisturizer that can withstand airconditioning and normal temperature all day. This dry oil mist does it for me. Sometimes, though, I reapply normal lotion around 5 PM when it becomes colder than usual.
  • Very, very useful if en route to a country with cold climate. I have another lotion made for winter {God Bond} but this is more fun to use and guarantees itchy {due to dryness} skin won't surface.

The Bad:

  • Not exactly cheap {Php 795}for a 100 mL bottle but The Body Shop has regular sales, too. I always make sure I stock up when it goes on sale.
  • The bottle can get greasy from re-applying with the hands, so I make sure I wipe it after every use.
  • Not at all fun to use during summer except if your goal is to look an oil goddess, which is not bad at all. It's just a bit hard to maintain though.

Overall Comment: It is worth the try if you belong to the population who has extremely dry skin like me. True, the word 'oil' seems  to have a negative effect but oil does so much good to our skin, prevents premature aging, rashes and irritating dryness.

What's your take on body oils?
Any favorites?