Things I Love Saturdays

Oh how I miss blogging.

I'm trying to recall with some sort of wild vigor where and what happened to my week but my only recollection is the harrowing, I-can-mug-the-McDonald's-guy-for-fries badass traffic. We were en route back to Makati after visiting a colleague in Antipolo, on rush hour nonetheless. It was cruel. One of the most annoying trips I ever had to sit through in my life. I swear I won't leave my room this weekend.

Now, on to more fun thoughts, I woke up a very happy girl today, with memories of the hunger-inducing stretch of vehicles and motorcycles speeding by. Special thanks to the lovely things happening to me left and right:

The weather. Sure, the rain is like a moody little girl with the sudden outpour some afternoon ago but I love how it's never that hot, and that I use less oil blotting films now {always a Clean and Clear girl, too}.

Hipstamatic's new pack: Salvador Dali. I have a thing for polaroid-ish, lomofying apps and programs on digital platforms since I still have not gotten my hands on a real Polaroid analog camera. Now, the stock lenses, films and flash bulbs on the original Hipstamatic blew my mind. Nothing like the Salvador Dali pack which outputs whooshed through my brain and back.

I road-tested it by  snapping a shot of the view from my window and this is what it looks like:

It makes my 'hood so City of God-esque minus the grit.

Double Sweetness. As if the chocolates are not sweet as it is, they are emblazoned with affirmations and sweet words.

Of course, I ninja'd these from my seatmate, Tiny.
*evil laugh*

Easy A. How can someone in high school be so profound and smart and quotable and hot? I caught this movie last night and I had much too many belly laughs, most especially from Olive Penderghast's parents. 

More on this on the next few days. I hope you catch it if you have the chance, too.

Speaking of high school movies, I am to chill and watch Scott Pilgrim vs. The World right after this entry. I heard it's really goooooood.

Pearls and things. I had the privilege of witnessing the unveiling of a tie up between Jewelmer and Flow Magazine and that being about pearls {things I have been wearing since I was 11} makes it worthy a full entry. Here's a preview though:

With Sasha of Stylemanila, Myself, Kankan and Penelope of Team Yehey!

An Exciting Change. I just checked out this post from Style Cebu and I can feel my toes tingling already. Besides Cebu being my second most favorite city next to Manila,  I feel like I have something to do with this big change and I'm so glad I had the chance. Ahihi, I get kilig just by thinking about it.

I can't wait for the changes to kick in <3

The Weepies' Be My Thrill album. I have been a die hard fan of The Weepies' Say I Am You, Happiness and Hideaway. I have been so caught up with life that I hardly noticed when their latest album, Be My Thrill came out in August. Since then, I have the whole album on repeat {Add My Effort is my most favorite, though} as if making up for lost time.

Upcoming Movies. Rom-coms, much like chick lit, will always be my guilty pleasure. And I don't think I will ever really retire from watching them. Most recently, I caught a bunch of movies I got so excited to see, I have to share with you the excitement:

Just Go With It, Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston

No Strings Attached, Ashton Kutcher and Natalie Portman

A rather old non-English movie but I have every intention of watching this:

Heartbreaker, Romain Duris and Vanessa Paradis

And the one that caught my heartstrings into a mess:

Love and Other Drugs, Anne Hathaway and Jake Gylenhaal
{it's ironic I never even liked Jake and yet I want to see this movie so bad!}

What are you loving on this beautiful, comfortable Saturday?
Let me know?