To Where Everyone Has Been.

Singapore, that is.

It's a shame that everyone I know has been to this little glorious city {or island} and it took me 25 years to step into it. I know. Roughly three hours away and with all the fare discounts and promos, I often wonder why I haven't stepped foot into the nearest first world country to the Philippines.

Oh well. At least, it's never too late.

I've been a diligent little girl and started packing on Sunday afternoon. Together with that, I realized I had five days of vacation {as opposed to my knowledge of four}, allowing me to throw more dresses into my carry on. Ah, traveling. I missed you! And it's funny how I don't get rattled anymore with all the things I have to prepare for!

I have scheduled a couple of posts and hopefully Blogger doesn't act up and publish them. As for me, I have no intention nor itinerary in mind --- just getting lost in the organized, clean city of Singapore, maybe doing a little bit of shopping, book reading at

Kinokuniya and taking in the arts scene at the museums.

Speaking of travel, here's a shoutout to the lovely Sophia for her very apt gift, the Charm Holiday Brush Set, which is indeed, super duper perfect for my little getaway!

Ever a literature geek, I brushed up on my Singlish and things. Thanks, Tibams for the SG guide!

Charmed , yet again! 
Charmed and stoked for Singapore,