OOTN: Notes From the Treasure Chest

The treasure chest here being my closet.

Over the weekend, I was doing my favorite hobby of re-arranging my clothes according to type and color {so therapeutic, this thing.} I was throwing out a bunch of things into a paper bag so I could give them away when I saw an old gown my uncle's friend who happened to be a designer, made for me a couple of years ago, which I never wore anywhere {save for a little presentation, poor dress}. Since we had an upcoming event for work that said Formal, I immediately tried it on if it still fits me and WHOA.

It did! {My black and white Barba dress don't anymore, though. *sob*}

I like how I never would have thought of wearing royal blue, which apparently, I thought I did a couple of years ago. It turned out pretty well, too!

Photo taken using iPhone, edited with Adobe Photoshop Express for iPhone
 Shoes: VNC
Purse: Aranaz {from Ponds' Gold Radiance Line}


Note: My mother thought this photo was taken some years ago, too when I sent it to her.

And she said, "Why do you look so pretty back then, anak?"

Didn't know whether to scowl or laugh.

On another occasion, but completely from the same closet-rummaging event, I came across a dress I got from Bangkok and wore it to a lazy Serendra Sunday afternoon {complete with Muji/Aldo-racking hours} with my friend Style Manila's Sasha.

 Photo taken by Sasha Manuel
Dress: Literally from the streets of Bangkok
Belt: Room 707
Flats: Charles and Keith
Sunnies: Promod
Bag (not in photo): CMG
Accessories: Chick Flick

I can't believe I've only worn this dress once, and en route to Davao, too. At that time, the PAL people at NAIA 2 directed me to the check in counter for Kalibo thinking I was headed to the beach. I wish!

However now, I love how the patchwork lends a fun, fresh vibe to the lazy Sunday afternoon that Sasha and I coursed through with yummy margherita pizza from BalducciCoronas and lime. Fun times, most definitely.

Did anything from your closet surprise you lately?