Things I Love Sundays: Shoes and Things

Hello there, weekend! How I miss you so.

I know I have no right to be clamoring for weekends, or rest, for that matter. I just came back from a five-day vacation and yet I'm begging for another vacation from a vacation. How selfish can I get?

The week whizzed by me, I have not much recollections of things I have been able to accomplish, or things I loathed with a passion. But here are some things I love today.

Happy weekend!

Cleaning {have I mentioned how therapeutic this is for me?}. Love and Other Drugs. Not the best chick flick I've seen but was painfully, awfully real. And this girl has a lot to learn from Maggie Murdoch.

Surprises. Pleasant surprises. The Best Brownie Ever {Three layers of foodgasm.} Long talks over sadness.

Wild Nothing's Summer Holiday. Rediscovered dresses. Love letters. New Old Friends. ListsCaramel GelatoPhotographers who truly make an effort in sharing their knowledge to fans:

Introducing the guest photographer speaker. {and yes, I look so haggard in here}

Chika mode.

THE  Raymund Isaac

Top Philippine photographer Raymund Isaac with the Sunshot Photography Club. All photos are from Arren Lateo And my new favorite shoe {one of the many carted things from a recent trip}.

White Polka Dots on Pink.

 And BOWS .

What are you loving today?