Jean Serendipity

I cannot tell you enough how much I abhor wearing jeans.

Every Friday, as it is with most companies in the Philippines, people at work are allowed to wear jeans {as long as they're not ripped} with respectable footwear and in our case, our advocacy shirt. Since I belong to the team which started this advocacy, I was in charge with assigning dates on when the shirt can be worn, since colleagues like wearing jeans every Friday and other days, too. But I'll let you in on a little {not anymore so}secret: I don't wear the shirt unless it's a matter of life and death for the simple reason that I hate wearing jeans. This is the reason why on Fridays, even if it's legal to look dressed down, I am usually seen in trousers, flowy dresses or skirt suits. No kidding.

It's not that I do not completely wear denims, though. I do wear jeans when I know there will be much walking around, if I want to go through the day unnoticed and

if I need to move so much. However, if I can do without it, I will. My reasons are simple, really:

  • It's so hard to drive in jeans. Driving in dresses is so much comfortable {provided you drive with a rolled up window and decent tint.}.
  • It's the country's universal uniform. I dislike wearing jeans because it makes me feel normal {not to offend anyone who wears jeans a lot, mmkay?} and living in a city with 12M population, walking anywhere and wearing jeans is like looking at people who look like you, except that most people wear their jeans with a basic un-tucked shirt and nondescript shoes. Not wearing jeans to me, is an easy way to stand out.
  • It's time consuming and strenuous going to the loo. I almost never wear jeans with un-tucked shirts so it's always a feat to tuck my shirt because all my jeans are tight as hell.
  • Speaking of tightness, it's been incredibly hard finding jeans that fit the leg area well without squeezing your midsection hard. I'm a size 2 and they fit me well on the hips and legs area. However, after a day of wearing size 2 jeans, I am ready to collapse from the tightness in my puson area. I can't believe I'm saying this, too.
  • Flats, be gone! I have a personal rule of never wearing flats when wearing jeans because it makes me feel punggok. I am only 5'3" so if I wear jeans, which I feel makes people look shorter than they are, I have to brace myself for a day of at least 4 inches heels. Tiis ganda, in other words.

When I was invited last Wednesday to the Denim Launch of French brand Promod, I had another motive in mind for visiting their Greenbelt 5 store, that is to ogle their dainty dresses and accessories, things I'm very much a fan of {so much so a random officemate approached me one time and told me I always remind her of Promod}. But obviously, I have once again underestimated the power of the French to change my mind.

All cuts and washes of denim at the new

Promod Denim Bar

Cocktails while making chica with fellow bloggers {my partner!}






, Ed. Trixie


OK! Magazine's Elaine

, Promod GM

Louie Scott

and Stratworks'

Kezia Romblon


And what else is better to have on an afternoon of shopping?


Ogling Promod's slouchy and relaxed bags.


's and my favorite thing to ogle every time at Promod:

The Scarves


And while I was lost in delight looking and searching for something to buy,

an SA came handing me a gray pair of skinny jeans. Promod's Brand Associate,

whose name escapes me now, have been saying that just by fitting a pair, a shopper

will get a Php200 off voucher. So, what was the harm in trying?

And that was when serendipity kicked in.

That's me at

Promod GB5

's dressing room, where it was love at first try.

 And there you go:

A back view


It really did not take me long to realize that I should not let go of that size small, gray, acid-washed skinny jeans. After all:

  • The jeans slipped up on me with no trouble. Denims are not exactly the friendliest materials to wear, so when I tried a pair, it was surprising to feel it glide up. Point 1.
  • No muffin top. I may look skinny but I have puson and bilbil. Never a good sight. When I tried it on, as you can see above, I was wearing a dress. When I got out of the room, I showed Kezia {and many other people outside the room, surprisingly} that my bilbil was nowhere to be seen. And I could breathe, too!
  • Speaking of being able to breathe, I had no problems with the pelvic area, where most jeans tend to hug too tight. As I have said, I wear only one type of jeans: low rise skinny jeans, and most of the time, they're too tight in the pelvic region. This one felt incredibly comfy. I think it's because the jeans was made up of 2% Elastic, reason why it stretched accordingly.
  • I now have a pair of jeans that fits me like a glove without having to resort to jeggings. Now, nothing against jeggings, it's just that I find them too thin to be covering more than half of my body. One of the reasons I wear jeans is when it's a bit cold and jeggings aren't really useful for protection {when worn alone, I think}. This fits the bill perfectly. After all, French women are not famous dressers for nothing. They just make everything they wear look tailored!

Last Friday, just before closing my belt. LOL.

See how it hugs every nook and cranny? And it doesn't feel tight at all!

{And no, I am not that fat in person.}

  • And as a testament to how great these jeans are, lookie lookie who was spotted getting the same pair?

OK! Magazine's Elaine Natividad



and our identical jeans.'s Trixie Reyna



were supposed to get the same pair

but the store run out. They got a darker version, though!

This little bag says it all:

I <3 My Jeans!

  • The best part? This particular pair costs only Php 1995, which in this day and age of Php 5,000 and up jeans are darn inexpensive. I want to go back for a darker version because of that! Too, if you do fit a pair, you automatically get a Php 200-off voucher.
  • There are more styles available {like straight cut, boot cut, flared, capris, etc} so do drop by any Promod branch and have a bit of serendipity like me!

Looks like I'll be wearing more jeans moving forward.

Any serendipitous moments lately?

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