Charmed Yet Again with the Holiday Brushes

And amidst all that charming, this review has taken three months to come out. The thing with brushes is that, with them always in use, and always tinged with eyeshadow, eyebrow powder and blush, it was hideous to take their photos.

Charm Holiday Brush Set, available at Beauty and Minerals

I have received this lovely set of pink brushes last Christmas from Ms. Beauty and Minerals herself and the brushes, after careful cleaning, went straight to my luggage and we both went to Singapore.

However, ever since I returned, the brushes have been constantly with me, too, despite not being on 'holiday,' {you realize that is a desperate attempt at joking,}thus, not being able to blog about them.

But as is my blog philosophy to never fail to write about the things I love and share them to my reader base, that I am gathering them altogether now {I do keep them at separate places where I do my face, yes multiple places} for a photo op and a proper review.

Made from synthetic hair, this set is guaranteed soft and durable! Comes with a pouch that can house some of your mineral makeup jars as well. It's great to bring around to the school, office or even world traveling! :)
This set is made up of the following:
  • Powder Brush - for foundation and finishing powder application
  • Blush Brush : for shading ( contouring ) and blush application
  • Crease Blending Brush : for eyeshadow application and eyeshadow blending
  • Lip Brush : for applying lipstick and lip gloss
  • Concealer Brush : for precise concealer application ( this can also be used as an eyeshadow applicator)
  • Angled Brow Liner Brush : for shading the eyebrows and can also be used for eye lining
  • Eyeshadow Brush : for eyeshadow application ( which can also be used for concealer application )
  • Pointed Liner Brush : for precise eyeliner application
However, as I do not really apply every single element of makeup on my face, I shall only provide my opinion on the brushes I do use often:

(L) Powder Brush and (R) Blush Brush

The Good:
  • I never realized how nice everything is when they fit your hand better. Ever since I tried these babies, I want everything to come in travel size! I use the powder brush in the morning with Human Heart Nature's Love Minerals Powder {just like its distant cousin}and I'm happy how it picks up the rather loose powder.
  • All of the brushes did not bleed and did not shed on the many occasions I have washed them. 
  • Yay for synthetic hair! And what I noticed was the bristles were not scratchy at all. And while it's fun looking at white bristles, brown bristles hide the color much better.
  • The set comes in a pouch which has a large section for the thinner brushes and one for the powder brush which I think works, especially if you like mixing your sets with other brushes from other brands or collections.
  • The pouch comes with a compartment where you can fit a bunch of eye shadows or small containers of MMU, which for me, proved helpful, especially when traveling.
  • Both brushes {Powder and Blush} comes with a plastic protector, which I like very much.
  • Reasonably-priced at Php 950 and available online!

Individual Details:
  • The Crease Brush {right, above} is lovely and densely packed, that I drift away in blending my eye shadows lately. I noticed how soft it is against my eye lids when it's been five minutes and I've been singing and I'm still blending my shadows! Again, it being travel-sized is a plus because it seems easier to blend {for me} when the brushes are just the right length.
  • The Concealer Brush {middle, above} does its job of softly depositing concealer to the under eyes. However, I am partial to using fingers for concealer, though this does a real good job of blending concealer into problem areas. Too, it can be used as an eyeshadow brush but I think it's too wide for that.
  • The Eyeshadow Brush's {left, above} head size is just right, IMO, but I guess this is the brush type wherein I would want it to be longer or normal sized. Just the same, it does its job of smoothly depositing eyeshadow on the lids.
  • The Blush Brush {right, second photo}is stiff enough to solidly apply blush on the cheeks. Unlike another blush brush on my boudoir, this angled a tad more flatly, which makes spreading color easier for me. This brush, together with the Angled Brow Liner, comes with me everyday, wherever I go.

  • The Lip Brush {center, above} draws out flat lipstick pigments, which IMO, is better than round-tipped ones {I have one!} which end up drawing line-y lip color. If you shall apply lipstick with a brush, use ones with flat contours such as this one.

  • The Angled Brow Liner {leftmost, topmost photo}, is my favorite brush of all. Because of this, I have neglected my pencil eye brow liners as well as MAC's Brow Set because it makes eye brow shading so much fun! With its tapered end, my eye brows look so polished and perfect, that lately, it has become my most favorite part of my make up routine. And one time, I had a good eight minutes of panic because I couldn't find it! Que horror! As it turns out, I left it on my vanity table at home and having gone down two flights of stairs, I just had to come back and get it.

The Bad:
  •  If you're not a fan of travel-sized brushes, then this set is not for you. As for me, I love travel sized things!
  • If you're a girl but not girly-girl, the pink handles might not be your cup of tea. I do suggest Charm's Pro Makeup Brush Set which comes in black.

Overall Recommendation: If you're looking for a set to take care of your basic makeup needs and is also usable and tote-able everyday, this is your best bet. With its price of less than a thousand bucks and free pouch and basic brushes, you're getting value for money and great quality that will last you years.

Have you been charmed lately by a set of brushes?

*Charm Holiday Brush Set is available through Beauty and Minerals or you may email Sophie Uy for inquiries.