Summer Calling

In this uncomfortable, discombobulating weather, no one, and I mean it, no one, can question the lengths our outfits would go to ----- be it short airy pair of shortsa breezy maxi dress or a knee-length floral skirt. The weather, no matter how much I hate it these days, is my excuse, after all.

Last weekend was our company away day at the rather convenient and beautifully manicured Punta Fuego. While the memo stated ' Official Company Shirt' for the attire, I managed to change into a summer dress wanting to be taken out of my closet for a long, long time:

My maxi dress from Bangkok finally gets air time! {Well, for the second time after two years.}

Dress: Bangkok
Flip flops: Havaianas

I have been harboring this maxi dress {a dress I shrieked over at MBK} for the longest time and couldn't wear it until it was officially summer! In a country like the Philippines, anything that's out of the ordinary is sure to get you piercing looks and stares {of course, I did, especially when I came out in a floral fedora} but hey, it's summer. No one can't make me wear jeans even if they pay me.

Oh and because it was a 'work' thing, I had no choice but put on something with a collar {haha, no not really} for cover up during swim time.

Don't be deceived, I can hardly play.

Photo by: Owen Tugaoen

Bikini: Soak Swimwear

Button Down: Cotton On

Denim jeans: Cotton On

What's your summer-only outfit? Broke out any clothes in hiding?