Found It!

The search for a spring-appropriate coat in a country that does not have spring, nor any of the other seasons is like finding a needle in a haystack. I have resigned myself to just blindly shopping online and wishing for the best that what I'd get would be one that would fit me well and protect me from the 7-15 degrees Celsius of cold.

As it is in life, and most things, nostalgia notwithstanding, things are better done offline. Especially in the area of shopping, feeling the material, trying on the item, standing in front of the mirror and letting yourself catch the light are things online shopping will never ever replace.

One Sunday morning,  Last Easter Sunday, I woke up feeling like shopping {any excuse for shopping, right?}and thank goodness for friends who would go with you in a heartbeat. At 2 PM, I was walking the halls of Trinoma {getting lost} and in search for the perfect cold-er weather essentials such as the coat, and the scarf, among others. Having not spent the last few years somewhere colder, I had to refresh my wardrobe and walking into Promod that afternoon was rather fateful:

The Poplin Trench Coat in Tobacco
Originally Php 3,000 something but I got it for only Php 2,695.

Is it just me or this coat is not at all flattering to this model?

When I tried it on, I had an instant image of soon-to-be-princess Kate Middleton
and her iconic white coat:

With the royal wedding craze going around now, I didn't think twice and
lined up at the till and purchased the last piece. I'd love to show you a preview of me
wearing it but it's too hot to even touch it! What do you think?

Happy Thursday!