Anyone can be a father but it takes a man to be a dad

God's delays are never God denials. Now I know this is true.

On Sunday morning I wrote:

Hi Dad!
Just a quick note to greet you a Happy Fathers' Day! :) I know that we are not related by blood but you've been a great dad to me and Jerome that if anyone asks me, I'd tell them I am truly lucky to have you as my dad and that I am not sad anymore not having my biological father every Fathers' Day. You've shown us tremendous love over the years, and showed mom what family and married life should be. For that alone {among others}, I am truly happy that you came into our lives.
Thank you for all the wisdom you shared with me, I remember that talk we had at our living room here back when i just graduated from college, about a guy I was dating. You told me that bad boys don't change and that has been a guiding light ever since. I now know what to look out for with the guys I date {probably why no one lasts anymore haha} and I am super grateful for that.
I wish you more blessings and years and years of happiness with mom. I can't thank you enough as well for all the financial {or otherwise} advice you've given me.
Thank you dad and I love you.

On Sunday morning EST, he replied:

Wow, you know how to write a moving letter.  Thank-you for the heartfelt greetings.  I feel lucky to have adopted such a wonderful family.  Life has never been better.  Your mom and I have been enjoying life together like never before.
It's hard to be a parent and not sound like your giving a sermon all the time.  But very happy to hear you do listen and take the advice to heart.  I am convinced you will find the right guy when the time comes, don't rush it.  You will know it when it's right.
You are a wonderful daughter, and am very proud to see you standing on your own feet with a good job, great disposition on life, and think it's a good thing to have caught the travel bug. :)
I love you Tara.

I must've done something right to earn a dad when I lost my father.

Happy Monday!