Things I Love Sundays: It's Fathers' Day!

And just like the rest of the last nine years, I have gone through this day without physically greeting my father. 

I have to admit that it doesn't get to me as much as it does before. Especially since I have had a stepfather {one I love very much and have an awesome father-daughter relationship with}, it doesn't feel as bad. However, because I don't exactly live in the same time zone with my parents, it does get hard.

But oh well. Time for happy thoughts!

The past month has been a testament of how we can push forward more and knowing that we can always top our last triumph. Work-wise, it has been consistently busy, with everyone in our team morphing into different versions of ourselves to find a version with an added coping mechanism with stress. Through it all, I find myself stretching myself farther ---

and try to pursue the kind of life that I think is best for me.

A haircut.

I got my hair trimmed off a few good inches some weeks ago at Piandre in

Leviste. I have forgotten how nice it is to have not so much weight on my head.

And I think I'd like to go back to this branch more often, too!

Two kinds of movies. I saw Kung Fu Panda and X Men First Class on opening weekend and on the same night, too! As usual, Po made me cry {thank goodness for 3D glasses!} and Michael Fassbender was hot as Magneto.

Ponds launches its new endorser {and line, which I shall be writing about soon} Angelica Panganiban.

I've seen Angelica one time at the US Embassy {I was behind them in the line} and

I know she's pretty but when we saw her last Tuesday, I gotta admit, the girl's got more beautiful than ever!

Of course, launches mean only one thing:

Seeing my favorite blogger girls! Here in this photo with Nikki and Rowena.

And of course the whole gang! L-R:  Liz,  Jill,  Martha,  Mrs. M,  Sophie,  Rowena, Nikki, Me and  Angela

Photo credit:  Nikki Tiu

At long last, I have found my perfect Sunday salon! Posh Nails in Tomas Morato  is open till 12 AM on Sundaysso I get to go after dinner. Which I did last Sunday <3

The Search is Over.  There truly is merit in letting the world know what you want. Since I've blogged about my search for shoes, suggestions came pouring in from friendsand finally, I have been able to narrow it down to Adidas Clima Cool Chill in Pink.

I've already taken this to my morning and night runs and they're just amazing!

And because I also decided to get a bunch of stuff from Adidas, I was given a membership card from 3 Stripes which entitles me to a LOT of discounts.  Fine, I don't really shop a lot at Adidas but I've been thinking of getting more training clothes { Yes, atleta ako!}

New books! My orders from my favorite Multiply seller came and I can't be any happier. Books are my weakness. I know I always get sidetracked by pretty shoes but I am no-holds-barred when it comes to book shopping.

Yoga via I already had my first class of yoga yesterday and despite my whole body  really hurting from all the poses our trainer made us go into, I am thankful and pumped {doesn't sound right for yoga} to have a go at it again. Too, I didn't realize it was so hard but the thought of conquering them all drives me to pursue it.

And as always, a reward for hard work.

 I endured five hours of work out: body combat, retro dance, 100 crunches {I can just usually do 20, IKR??} and yoga so after my salmon dinner, I had this yummy Apple Caramel Crumble. And slept like a baby.

What are you loving this week? PS: I hope everyone is having a nice family day since it's Daddy's Day!

Love and happiness, T.