Snaps From the Nuffamily Day

What happens when you plonk a bunch of beauty bloggers together with other niche bloggers? The beauty bloggers take pictures and go snap happy!

When Nikki said there was going to be grass and picnic and games {which I didn't join, I was a bit of uncomfortable because I was wearing jeans and the weather was yucky}, I just had to go and join everyone at the first ever Nuffnang Family Day at Crosswinds, Tagaytay. And am glad I did:

 Image from Nuffnang Photos taken by Achie Sophie and Nikki  and honestly, when you're with awesome photographers, why bother taking your camera out?

Taking a break from our karaoke session at the back of the wi-fi'd bus. In this photo, we are joined by Trixie the artista! <3 Love love love singing 80s and 90s songs with matching dance steps!

PS: ShenJamie and Phoebe, we missed you!

Dream come true because of the grass and the checkered mats. Love, love love!

L-R: JhengMeSophiethe BFF and Nikki

Ang takaw ko.

Thanks, Goldilocks!

It ain't obvious I love your


, right?

And I know I was holding a Jollibee burger here.

My virtual Canada tour guide and Achie, Sophie Uy.

My BFF and I. Dear Y, you're not my syota anymore! =P

A fun afternoon with girlfriends is something I can never say no to.

Snapped by Mr. AMW Keith Tiu himself. And yes, Jheng and I are in awkward poses LOL.

What is a picnic and a day out without a jump shot?

Do you remember where we got this idea from?

And then it was time to lift our lanterns just like in Tangled. It was beautiful. Thank you Nuffnang for the fun weekend as well as the sponsors:

I am hoping it's going to be an annual thing!