The Land of MAC

When I have mentioned to my lovely blog friends that I was going on a two week holiday to Canada, they only had one reaction:

You're going to the homeland of MAC!!!!!!!

And then I did realize that I was indeed going to the land of MAC {the cosmetics}. I could imagine row upon row of Limited Edition shades that I could buy and take back home with me to Manila. Of course, I did buy a couple of things {not really a hoarder} which I am sharing with you because I miss beauty-related posts and my blog has been  remiss of something that would make me worthy of being called 'a beauty blogger,' such as when I introduce myself at events like the Nuffamily Day. I was more interested in using the items I got from the Toronto branch {at Eaton Centre and The Bay} and a couple more I got at the MAC Robson St.  Branch in Vancouver, as well as another one in The Hudson Bay  Branch {yes, a total of four branches in two weeks!} than taking pictures of them, actually. The most memorable part of the MAC store hopping was when I spent about thirty minutes talking to the MAC specialist, Suzy, I believe her name was, at the Robson branch. She patiently explained to me the difference between NC30 {which is my shade despite getting way darker while I was there} and C30 {my friend's shade}. We spent another 20 minutes swatching foundation and concealer on my face while I enumerated various shades of lipsticks we are crazy about here in Manila. She was thoroughly shocked why so many shades are limited ed here. I just laughed it off and chalked it up to us being so far away.

I also asked Suzy why I haven't been to the original flagship store of MAC when I have been to Toronto and Vancouver and she said that the original store was somewhere in an obscure city {she herself didn't know.} According to her, the founders of MAC didn't think MAC would become such a huge brand that they did not really start in a bustling city like Toronto.

So, if you're still there and is still reading, here are some stuff I picked up from various branches of MAC in Canada. It wasn't extremely cheaper to buy there, just thought I'd say that. When I computed, it was still about the same, give or take a few hundreds less than the price here in Manila. Would've been nice if Canada didn't have such high tax {around 12-13% HST} but oh well :)

MAC Studio Fix Foundation in NC30 | I have stashed my MSFF for the longest time and got bored with it and when I bought another one in Vancouver , I realized how much I missed it!  This has been tiding me over the disgusting weather we had a couple of weeks back when it was so humid. This foundation is truly hulas -proof!

MAC Studio Fix Concealer in NC30 | Because I got blemish-y in Canada, I decided to pick this up. Probably one of the Third best decision I have ever made in my life!

MAC Brow Set in Girl Boy | I will never under estimate the value of lighter eyebrows ever again. And I am hoping when I run out, someone can buy it from me wherever it is available because it's always OOS in Manila. Second best decision evarrrr. Thanks, S, for convincing me!

MAC Satin Lipstick in Pink Nouveau | I honestly thought it was overrated and looked good only in celebrities and people who could "carry" it but you're looking at my everyday lipstick. I haven't worn any lipstick since I got it. It's just picture perfect <3 And yes, best decision ever made.

And now, a little everyday FOTD: 

I am not quite sure what I was thinking before this shot but it must be funny. I wish I can remember.

Face: MAC Studio Fix Concealer
MAC Studio Fix Foundation {Both NC30}
Eyes: Maybelline Golden Nuggets Quad
Revlon Colorstay Eye Liner
Maybelline Cat Eyes Mascara

MAC Kohl Pencil in I Get No Kick
NARS Oasis Blush
MAC Satin Lipstick in Pink Nouveau
 What are your MAC favorites?