The Unbearable Lightness of Pink Things

I abhor being called a girly girl when in fact I am unabashedly one. This blog has pink accents to it.

My gadgets are all pink. My running shoes are pink, for crying out loud. And yet, I am a hypocrite for having an automatic bias for things I see on shelves just because they are pink.

And then I end up going gaga over them. I confuse myself, really.

I had a tough week, as if I can't stress that enough. And while I did take it upon myself to cheer myself up with new, surprise, shampoo, my friend from Women's Central and Unilab sent the most wonderful, yummiest smelling body scrub and lotion to go with it.

I smelled it and I had to resist putting it into my mouth. It smelled so YUMMY!

I used it the next day after doing my laundry and cleaning nooks and crannies of the house and I think I got out of the shower spanking clean and wafting with strawberry scent.

I was out of shampoo and conditioner, a phenomenon I haven't experienced in years and since they were on sale, I picked up a bottle each of this L'oreal Nutri-Gloss Light line and my hair felt revived and I thought it had more body, too.

I came across hauls I got from a store in Brampton in Mississauga last May and saw this eye mask. Can't be any more apt than to be used now. For that message alone and the color I guess, I am a happier girl.

Lunch in Paris by Elizabeth Bard. Despite not being pink, this book has been keeping me up and giddy than I have been in months. The book has things I want: a French man, French recipes, cobblestones and a life of art.

C'est parfait!

From Adelaide, with love. I finally spent some time with my friend Sasha, who is home from a three-month long vacation in Adelaide, Australia {and some} and got me the stuff above. I swooned over the chunky black drop earrings but as expected, every time I look at the cocktail ring {left} with the pink rosette, I smile.

Thank you, S!

And thank you universe for cheering me up <3

Love, T.