Chronicles of the Three Year Old Tara

My mother begins her day by reading this blog. Most days she sends me quick emails of how crazy my posts have been, or where I've gone wrong in the Grammar Department, or if the photos I posted are way ugly to be shared to the public. Of course there are long emails saying how she loves my posts and that she will always be my number one critic but most of all number one fan.

Today, it was different. She emailed me a vivid memory, triggered by a post detailing how I will always remember what I wore.

Yes you do remember what you wear or wore.

I remember one time I got home and in the news was an airplane which skidded off the runway.  If my memory serves me right, it was the second time in less than two years.  So as I stepped inside the house, I saw the news and said “oh my”.  And you said “yes, mama, again.”

“Again?,” I asked.

“Yes, again,”  you replied.  “Remember, there was one that bigger plane which landed on the highway (SLEX), and no cars or buses could pass by because it landed across the highway occupying all the lanes?  It was also in the news, remember?  I was wearing my sleeveless white shirt with a green print of GIRL when I saw it in the news, remember, mama?"

You haven’t started going to school that time.  You must have been 3 years old then.  Imagine that?

You are really bound to remember what you wore.

At three years, I was capable of detailing my clothes. Imagine that.