I'm Going Back to the Start

The first wisps of December has trickled in and it's magic never fails to enchant me in ways I cannot even begin to imagine.

But just like the congested conventions of the city's main thoroughfares, life's events and those tiny incidences in the daily grind can tarnish you and your faith --- you and your beliefs. Things can make you think twice or thrice and in the end, just leads you back to where you never needed to doubt.

The start


So maybe the start includes more offline things, relationships I've foregone cultivating, the stories I like telling kids, my reason for being and the places where I exist without a doubt. Those are the things I'm going back to this December. I will, maybe, forget about the superficial stuff for a while. I will probably be even more AWOL from this blog because honestly, lately I've been a sellout. All I know is that I'll be dealing with the things I have forgotten and the things that matter.

I'm going back to the start.