Where the Human Heart Wants to Go

Wherein I talk about the Ad Congress after almost a month, with my colleagues as key audience. Thankyouverymuch.

I had been lucky once again to become part of the ad congress, my first time being two years ago when I was still mostly a writer. Today, SEO, analytics, virality and engagement are things that matter to me as much as an opening and a closing does. It's funny how much two years can do.

If anything, this year's Congress affirms our being human than the previous one did. Whereas we have learned the basics of where to go --- the battle cry 'Be on Facebook/Twitter/ etc' seem to be most common --- we now know that being there and pushing agenda errrr messages is never the most important thing.

We are in a lucky predicament ---- people get to talk. People can access comment boxes and can talk about brands, such as ours. As a product of many years of hard work, we don't have much negative things to expect and there has been clamor for the brand that has been so premiumly established.

Stop pushing messages ---- make conversations.  Sometimes, we get so caught up in pushing our copy, blog posts, ads etc that we forget to ask people what they think. I have learned this in blogging, where commenting is free for all and yet not everyone comments. It is only when I have ended all my posts with a question that my readers started to share their ideas and thoughts on whatever I was writing about.

Technology will go where the human heart wants it to go, says Gabby Lopez. A letter, an old photograph, an analog camera and a typewriter are only some of the things that makes one wax nostalgic. This is proof that while our generation embraces technology, hearts and emotions will still be the key drivers of how communications in the digital world will fare.  We love memories, we love reliving the feelings we had when we experienced such things. Lucky for us, our product is not tangible that we can get away not having to go through the tacky product placements. Lucky too, that our product can signify love, amongst other things.

That Steve Jobs quote about hiring people who were something else other than computer scientists hit me hard. Who I am at work and who I am outside of it most of the time melds together. For 2012, I want to pursue even more the activities that develops other skills far apart from being a 'digerati.' As we always say, who we are outside of the four corners of the office sets us apart and gives us the priceless out of the box thinking. More of that in our lives will enrich our personal and professional lives, methinks.

On TV, the Ad Congress always look like three days of partying, what with the constant network party wars at each and every AdCon. In all honesty, the real negotiations happen in the party halls, never the session hall. Surely, iPads come clicking and paper go scratchin’ but the work --- they are all at the parties.

"Nothing stops an organization faster than people who believe that the way you worked yesterday is the best way to work tomorrow," said Jon Madonna. For so many years now, I have fought so hard to battle conventions, and they continue to hound me, repercussions have hit me in the head squarely and I get up. Surely, we come back to old traditions, to things that are comfortable but hearing this at the AdCon reinforced my personal belief to strike change at any chance I can get.

Lastly, "It's what I have always wanted to do," says EL3 on being the TV business for so long. Steve Jobs and so many other famous/great/amazing/legendary people have said it. Pursue your passion. I'm now 26 and I now realize that life is too short to be wasting it in the wrong career. I have wasted 1 and a half years of mine in the wrong career. If I had a little sister, I'd tell her to go chase her passion the earliest she can.

If you're not a Marketing person, should you join the Ad Congress? All the more, actually. It's amazing what it can do to who you are. I've been there, trust me.

Those are the things I learned from #AdCon22, things I wish to share with you. Here's to 2012 and to executing plans and goals, to realizing dreams and to learning forever.

Again, thank you to my company for being hand in hand with me in my quest for more learning.