OOTD: Daytripper

"You look like you're about to fire someone," a colleague told me, upon my descent from the car at the Sun Life Centre on Fifth Avenue {sounds like the beginning of a New York novel, hrhr}. I was running fashionably  late and I was a bit cautious not to hit my head again.

"I wish," I responded, half chuckling. This was the second time that someone told me this observation. I am not sure if it was because I haven't had a full cup of coffee that morning or if it was because I looked scary with a gray and black ensemble that is kind of unusual for me because I always wear something colorful to the office. On both occasions, I wasn't exactly about to fire someone.

As if.

Nevertheless, as it was an ordinary work day, I therefore conclude this outfit is my Daytripper outfit:

The blazer's winning detail are the oversized pockets and deconstructed details.

1,2, 3, EMOTE!

Dress: From Singapore
Blazer: Pink Manila
Shoes: Promod
Accessories: Nacara South Sea Pearls

PS: I realize I only have one expression. HA!

What's your work wear like?

Shot on location and with permission: The President's Office. Of course, paying tribute to the best dressed president I've ever worked for. *waves* Hi Ms. Riza! Thank you for letting me use your beautiful office. Special thanks to my creative director,  Issay Jovellano.

Photos taken by  TJ Reyes.