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Sometimes, no matter how hard you try, and despite being considered light-skinned, some parts of your body are just really --- well, darker than the others.

In my case, I am conscious and insecure with my knees and elbows.

I don't know about normal girls but I have to work very hard to keep my elbows and knees not looking like I've scraped them from playing in the streets. I guess being clumsy has always made me bump my knees on all sorts of edges, that I always have bruises and scratches on my legs. While I diligently scrub them and moisturize every chance I get, they still sometimes come out dark when a camera's settings are too low-lighted or when it's dark.

It must not be so.

The launch of White Result by Tupperware Brands gave us the experience of exfoliating instantly, right before our eyes. I was seated beside Liz while we lunched the deliciously fabulous salads and entrees provided by the wonderful people of Cav at Bonifacio High Street. She explained and demonstrated how easily

White Result Exfoliating Gel removes dead skin {because I was late}.

We were treated shortly to a facial at The Spa where we made chika on the latest showbiz happenings. Yes, story of our lives :D

The White Result Line

While I did not experience any redness nor irritation, I didn't use it as much on my face. I've had the exfoliating gel and astringent for more than a month now and I've been using them on my knees. Yes, my knees! And they're incredible!

It was one day that I was sent a picture and I saw that my knees in that photo looked slightly darker than my legs. I panicked and grabbed the first bottle I could reach for and it happened to be White Result. For some odd reason, the astringent worked well with my knees {can't believe I'm saying this} and like we've been saying during the launch, we didn't know our skin could be so dirty. Even when we rubbed the gel onto the backs of our hands, dirt would come off and we would react sadly at how dirty our skin were, despite not appearing so.

Ah, indeed the importance of exfoliation. Lesson learned.

After this exercise, I have learned to exfoliate everything else, not just my face.

To date, I'm still using the White Result gel and astringent on my knees and elbows and I plan to buy a lot so I can exfoliate my entire body {is that safe? I think so!}. If I remember right, the White Result gel is about Php 425. Fairly reasonable to me! :)

Included in my daily routine are the White Result Exfoliating Gel and White Result Astringent.

Do you exfoliate non-facial parts, too?

Tupperware Brands is the authorized distributor of White Result.

For your questions and inquiries on how to purchase or be a dealer, call the hotline number (632) 867-2222.