Nanny Rose Sticks and Pulls Queen Bee

Leave it to me to buy a product based entirely on packaging.

The thing with being a typophile {person inclined towards font types}, is that I tend to get swayed with my judgment based solely on how a package is presented. Blame it on the marketer in me, or the girl with sometimes-low EQ, especially on pampering things, my mind kind of shuts down on all things pretty.

The recycled box, the twine, the font. This thing looks like it's being sold on Etsy.

It was a typical BGC afternoon --- that means an afternoon where the rest of the world, the rest of the Manila workforce are in full swing and it's kind of dead quiet where we are. Lovely as it is, the quiet can come discomforting sometimes and I am always drawn to walk outside and explore, hence chancing upon the newly-opened Watson's on Forbestown.

As a celebration for being reunited with the retail-driven world, I ended up shopping for toiletry necessities and carting this DIY wax from Nanny Rose as well. Truth be told, I didn't need a DIY waxing kit because I've found my solution with Veet waxing strips and most of the time, I go to Strip, Ministry of Waxing anyway.

But like I said, I was a slave of adorable packaging and if I ever meet the designer of the box, I'd like to know what font it was that was used for the word 'Queen Bee.' And thankfully for me, the product wasn't a complete waste of money ---

in fact, I loved how it works for me!

What I Loved About It:

  • Economical at I think Php 100 - ish. See, I don't even remember. The box includes a pot of wax, two wooden spatulas and three katsa-ish cloth strips.
  • Needs only about 10 seconds to heat. Unlike an old product I've been using, Nanny Rose's wax was easier to scoop out and spread onto the legs. A little word of caution though, the first time I used this, I mistakenly took longer than 10 seconds and burned my skin. :s
  • I think this can be used cold as well but I am clueless at how one does that plus I've always liked hot wax better.
  • This is the first honey wax I've ever tried -- the one I've been using some decades ago from Sally Hansen is white and much, much stickier. I think I like honey better.
  • I don't know if it's the honey that makes it less painful but for some reason, when I pulled the cloth that came with it, it didn't seem so harsh, as opposed to when I wax my legs using Veet Strips
  • Given that the roots are pulled off when waxing, hair takes longer to grow!

What I Don't Like:

  • Actually, I like the idea of DIY and on weekends when I pay so much attention to everything I can do to pamper myself, I like having to heat wax. Though on days that I have no time and is in a rush, it's not really advisable because like me, you might burn yourself.
  • Cloth strip does not remove all the hair in one pull though I don't think there's a product that does that.
  • If you're not a fan of DIY, this ain't for you. It takes effort and practice to perform a waxing job perfectly. 

Directions for Use:

  1. Heat the wax about 10-15 seconds depending on your microwave setting. Make sure it's the lowest.
  2. Prep your skin with baby powder to make applying wax easier.
  3. Spread wax towards the direction of the growth and even out. Flatten the cloth strip onto the skin.
  4. Close your eyes and pull.
  5. You may have to repeat the steps above to obtain best results. It really {also} depends on how hairy you are :D In my case, I'm only mildly hairy in the legs.

Would I recommend this?

Only if you're the DIY-kind, if you like hot wax and wouldn't splurge on waxing jobs. Like I said, practice makes perfect. Goodluck!

Have you tried Nanny Rose?

*Nanny Rose, I believe, is exclusively distributed by Watson's.