Tara's Office Survival Kit

... and no, this is not my most awaited article about the kind of officemates you should avoid. {Hehe.}

I can only presume the women who read my blog to be women like me --- the ones who choose structure over free time, the ones who are in the concrete jungles of Manila --- career women in their own rights. Most days, the office can be our refuge, a safe place where our dreams of taking over all sorts of industries happen. Most days, it is a sanctuary where we feel very useful {I am guilty of this!}. But sometimes, it can be quite the room with bare walls, with harsh airconditioning and traces of birthday celeb handa and the radiation of monitors.

Frankly, I like sitting in front of my computer --- I can do this all day most days. I do sit cross legged, though and I am detached from the world through my iPod. I used to think that being behind a monitor can do nothing to dry skin out, or make me feel ugly but it does. And so that is what my survival kit is for:

  1. Clean and Clear Oil Control Film. This item has appeared on this blog so many times simply because I don't think I can ever live without one. Aside from its original function of clearing oil, its grapefruit scent wakes me up during meetings that are useless {What? Some can be!} and energizes me through afternoons that makes me want to nap.
  2. Green Cross 40% Isopropyl Alcohol with Moisturizers. I recently switched my alcohol of choice from Biogenic {because it smells good} to this, because it smells way better. Every day, when I arrive at my desk, I wipe everything in my space with this and my day starts well.
  3. Garnier Eye Roll. I don't know if it's just me but most days in the middle of the day, I feel the area around my eyes tighten and when I roll this onto them, it feels better and I am a happy girl. Why?
  4. Versace Bright Crystal EDT. I alternate this with Elizabeth Arden's Red Door as the scent I spritz on before every meeting. I make it a habit to walk into air sprayed with this before proceeding to meet anyone. I'd feel naked without a trail of scent.
  5. Crabtree and Evelyn's La Source Hand Therapy. They say that age is evident in one's hand. I do not want mine to show my real age. I'd like to believe I'm still 16 :D
  6. Celeteque Hydrating Moisturizing Mist. Any office's air conditioning can wreak havoc on our skin, especially if we're there for eight hours or so. If I apply moisturizer, I'd have to go through the whole nine yards, I spray this onto my face and I can feel my face thanking me for it.
  7. Watson's Leave In Conditioner. I use this mostly for its scent. You know when you're a corporate person and you enter all sorts of celebrations and milestones and the scent of food just sort of sticks to your hair? I abhor that --- so I spritz this onto my hair and it smells fresh and is alive again.

Do you have an office survival kit, too? What's in it?