Hair Bliss with Dove Shampoo

I am only grateful that I did receive this lovely package from Dove Haircare some weeks ago:

I have the driest hair ever --- dry to the point that it's frizzy when un-cared for and can get itchy if it brushes onto my shoulders and I am forced to tie everything into a bun and risk looking like a joyless principal. It's so dry it's brittle and crunchy and falls off because it's so weak. I know. :s

It's no secret really. I've been raving constantly about Dove Haircare --- and not because they're free but to be honest, hell to the effing yeah, that, too! But what I love most about it is that it actually works and it's super mabango!

Today in the elevator, a guy friend smelled my hair for five seconds and it would've been offensive if he wasn't a friend.

Plus --- I get to wear my hair down more often :D

Heh x. My weird face but what I was trying to take a photo of was really hair in all its bouncy curly glory.

What I Love about this new product:

  • It's moisturizing. I don't know about any other variant but when it said intense, it was pretty intense. To be able to condition my hair means it had to be more than  the average and had to be thick, too. I don't have split ends but boy, did this cure the dry strands.
  • LESS HAIRFALL. I was shedding hair like I was sick it wasn't funny anymore. It gradually decreased after day 2 and now, it's like I don't even have hairfall anymore. Then again, I'm using the conditioner, too, alternated with another AMAZING product but that's for another story. After bombarding my hair with all the moisture that I could get, I therefore conclude that dryness is the culprit to hair fall. I'm never skipping deep conditioning again.
  • The shimmers. It doesn't really do anything but it's too cute for words!
  •  It smells really good. Ask the friend from the elevator ride. Plus it stays on the whole day. I went to yoga and spent the day doing intense poses {I DID A HAND STAND!!!} and sweating like a girl and before I went to shower, I smelled my hair and it smelled like I just got out of one. 
  • Reasonably priced. I have no fear of running out of this product because every 180 mL bottle from the Dove Shampoo range is just at Php 110. From a Marketer's point of view, this is going to give a lot of shampoos a run for its money because of its competitiveness. Goodbye drugstore brand shampoo! I am a loyal Dove user now.
  • Wide range.  The thing with mass market brands is that they tend to be centered on normal types of hair. And the thing with me is that I'm a pretty niche market with super extremely treated hair. My shampoo might be found oily for others so I don't usually find suitable products for my curls. I am very happy with Dove's Intense Repair variant.
  • No dandruff for me.

And with that I'm blissed out with my shampoo. What about you?

Have you tried the Dove shampoo / hair products? I hope you're loving them as much I am!