Reversing the damage, filling the gaps

Sometimes, I feel like my vanity {the need to see my face, the need to talk about myself and improve what I see and share} has gone up, tripled, even quadrupled, on so many levels, since I've started this blog. That's a matter I see positive -- because vanity has never been about piling on more makeup  --- it has become a way for me to pursue healthier habits, an active lifestyle, and more importantly, a kinder spirit.

If you've been reading my blog starting from years ago, and if we're friends, too, you'd know well of the damage I've done to my health, to my skin and all the unhealthy things I've done and have been continually doing. I used to be a regular smoker, I used to go out every single night, have my alcohol fix and stay up really, really late {now, thinking about those, I MUST HAVE GROWN UP and become a lola staying in most nights now!}. I also used to not have a regular routine save for running half an hour a day. For a year now, I've been practicing yoga regularly and I engage in all sorts of physical activities and sports. Five years ago, I shunned the idea of sweating on purpose and now I crave for it. Five years ago, I can curse and judge and not care what I say, now, I act after thinking thrice.

What change age can bring, right?

Acceptance -- and then some. #Labo 

Today, I can say I take care of myself better and doing all those things have contributed to better skin {plus of course, a whole gamut of skincare}. BUT --- who says I'm stopping at that? Amidst all the skincare I'm using, I feel like something else is missing. Like it's been dull and I need a certain glow.

I'm a big fan of supplements --- but I'm scared of anything that's too chemical-ish. When Alvin Chua of Mega We Care approached me to review the skin supplement Gloww, I was a bit hesitant. Aside from the name {what is up with the double w?}, I have heard about the crazy stories about supplements gone wild. It didn't help that it was a day I'd seen ugly photos on Facebook of people with skincare problems {no judgment, I just wish I didn't have to see them} so I'd been wary. But of course, I asked Alvin of the ingredients of the capsule and researched on them extensively.

What does Gloww even promise?

 Not a fan of the design but at this age, I've begun to look beyond the physicalities.

Gloww consists of 11 essential nutrients that help nourish your skin’s CLBT. CLBT stands for Color, Luminosity, Brightness and Transparency. It is one of the ways healthy glowing skin is measured. Improving your CLBT helps make you stand out with naturally radiant skin. Gloww is able to help improve your CLBT by nourishing your skin from underneath with its unique SKHN (Skin, Health and Nutrient) Complex. SKHN Complex strengthens collagen, detoxifies your skin, enhances blood circulation, protects it from harmful UV rays and free radicals. By purging the problem at its roots, your skin gets a healthier and more natural glow. All natural ingredients. BFAD Approved.

Since all the damages I've done to my health, my skin and my overall physical appearance {it all boils down to that, doesn't it, ang banidosa!}, I informed Alvin I was cool to do it --- after all, the supplements were to help in reversing those years of smoking, drinking till the wee hours and missing sleep.

For the curious, like I was, here is the list of the ingredients of Gloww. It helps to research on each nutrient individually to avoid any allergies or medical mishaps {honestly, uso yan ngayon}.

  1. Marine Protein                             
  2. Horsetail Extract                             
  3. Green Tea Extract                            
  4. Lemon Bioflavonoids                      
  5. Hydrolysed Collagen                       
  6. Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C)              
  7. Tomato Extract                                 
  8. Providing Lycopene                        
  9. Grape Seed Extract                         
  10. D. Salina Extract                       
  11. And other Carotenoids                 
  12. Pine Bark Extract                             
  13. d-alpha-Tocopheryl Acetate       
  14. (Vitamin E)

I'm excited to start taking this tomorrow {twice a day for two months} and once a day on the third month. An update on this seemingly wonderful {Google seems to think so} natural supplement will be up every now and then so you, too, can enjoy the benefits of Gloww.

Don't forget to check the expiry date!

 For your size reference. And I have big hands!

If you're also interested in trying these out, Gloww capsules are available at leading drugstores at Php 750 per box {that's Php 25 per capsule}. As a reminder though, please consult your doctor if you're a) pregnant b) taking other medications -- you know, just to be safe :)

Do you take any skin care supplements? Do you like taking them?