The Force Was With My Hair | The Kerastase Brunch Party

The Kerastase Force -- that is what.

Of course I just invented that term. A couple of weeks ago, Kerastase launched its newest line --- what seems to be the strongest of all its lines -- the Kerastase Resistance, which is noticeably in green bottles and tubes.

Now, I am not an exclusive Kerastase user. Over the years of being permed, I've only used the Bain Oleo Curl line and even then I still don't understand  the terminologies I see all over the bottles. While this has always been a barrier to purchase, a trial of their products at my favorite Piandre Salon {Salcedo} and because I had no toiletries on me at an out of town trip {hello, Kat!} led me to stock up on my own Kerastase stash and since then, this brand has helped me keep my curls intact and pretty. I hope.


New Force Architecte contains Kérastase’s ultimate fibre reconstructing technology Ciment-Cylane Complex, a unique combination of three exclusive repairing ingredients:

Intra Cylane™
Has a structuring effect on the hair. It immediately penetrates into the hair fibre’s cortex to strengthen its core. It recreates a strong backing structure around each breakage point within the hair to repair the breakage points and fill in split ends.

Has a filling effect and mimics Keratin, which is an essential component of hair to fill in and strengthen the cortex’s micro-gaps. It reinforces and revitalises the hair fibre.

Acting as an intercellular cement to re-seal the scales of the hair, a naturally occurring substance—Ceramides—smoothens and protects the hair, leaving it shiny and radiant.

Hair erosion is combated and reversed up to 2 degrees in just 2 weeks*. The fibre is “reconstructed” both within and on the surface. The hair recovers its strength and shine, and becomes easy to style again.

Before we listened to a short presentation by the Kerastase Team and media advocate Laura Charlton of David's Salon, we were feted a small Spanish brunch catered by Alba.

The beautiful people of Kerastase Philippines.

Laura Charlton, Media Advocate for Kerastase, Regina Belmonte of Cosmopolitan Philippines, Elaine Natividad of OK! Philippines and Isabel Roces of Inquirer.

The most important learning I could remember till now was the fact how much damage hair gets. Of course, we know that already. With the barrage of hair care posts the Internet gets every single day, with all the coupons sent to inboxes in a day for hair color, hair treatment, blow dry, rebond and perm, no hair is probably a chemical-virgin till now. What stuck with me was that damage can occur in multiple levels. Damage or erosion -- as it was emphasized during a little talk complete with 3D glasses by Maita Gaerlan, Junior Brand Manager for Kerastase -- happens at the smallest actions towards the hair, even with say, hair brushing.

At this point, I was already cringing in fear of what level of erosion I am at. Dryness is my hair's favorite subject and while hair products can do something to minimize the hair demolition, mass-produced products tend to be that: Mass. While most consumer companies go the distance of thorough research to provide certain levels of care for the mane, I think Kerastase just sealed its claim to fame of providing intense care to tresses and why they're incredibly expensive {compared}.

The Levels of Hair Destruction, according to Kerastase.

During the discussion, Charlton introduced the device that can tell what level a salon customer is in so that the care given to each individual's hair is not too much, and not too scarce. As an advocate of financial literacy, I don't like splurging on things that I don't need but at the same time, a sign in Level 4 was screaming at me, together with all the processes I've subjected my hair to. OMG.

What level was my hair in? You'd be surprised, like I was.

*Holy Sh%656* ano kaya?

Laura inspects my hair as I pretend to be cute. Thank you, Nikki for taking my pictures!

Social Suicide. This is how scared I am.

Laura makes me guess and of course my guess was Level 4.

 ... after which, I got the shock of my life because I was just a level 1! A LEVEL 1! Can you believe that? I can't too.

I guess all that kaartehan with my hair has been paying off. It had been a long discussion with us, Nikki, Phoebe and Jheng detailing each and every hair treatment we've undergone, and all the chemical, heating, brushing {in their case, as I don't brush my hair at all} we've subjected our tresses. In the end, we agreed that while we had healthy hair still, a little prevention and rehabilitation, which the Force Architecte wouldn't do harm.

What's on the Kerastase Resistance Line?

 Bain de Force Shampoo, for Levels 1-2, Php 1,200

 Bain Force Architecte Shampoo for Levels 3-4, Php 1,485

Ciment Anti-Usure Treatment for Levels 1-2, Php 1,698

Fibre-Architecte Double Serum for Level 3-4, Php 1,860

Masque Force Architecte, Php 2, 227

To get your hair assessed whether you're on Level 1, or 2, 3 or 4, visit any salon that carry Kerastase or David's Salon. Good luck! :)