Things I Love Sundays: Retrogade

I've always loved the word retrogade. I like how it rolls off of my tongue. Of course, that's not telling of the root of the word, which I believe is commonly used to describe that time of the year when the planets, but most popularly, Mercury revolve in a certain way -- and it affects signs ruled by this planet. According to my teacher, it is not advisable to start anything during a retrogade, nor sign any contracts. According to a useful post by one of my favorite bloggers, Gala Darling:

Expect to hear super-loud complaining from your friends who are Gemini or Virgo, since both are ruled by Mercury! Mercury also rules a lot of industries like publishing, writing, editing, advertising, sales, public relations & anything to do with transport, like airlines, the post office & cabs! This means it can be particularly rough for Gemini train conductors & Virgo magazine editors, so be kind to any you know!
I often find that Mercury retrograde makes me want to go into hermit mode. I feel like half my brain is missing so I’m really not that interested in interacting with anyone, plus every conversation seems to go in an unusual, confusing direction. I feel much more irritable & frustrated & things just don’t seem to go how I want them to.
So that’s the bad news. Mercury retrograde can be a total kick in the teeth for those of us who normally pride ourselves on having our karmic shit together! The GOOD news is that Mercury retrograde provides us with lots of beautiful opportunities if we can just tilt our head & squint.
Mercury retrograde wants us to move back spiritually. It is providing us with a chance to re-examine various areas of our life which may need a little more work, so that we can move forward to a bright new dawn. Now, more than ever, the time is right to look at things with clear eyes. Delicious, fresh perspectives are revealed. We often have major breakthroughs — intellectual, emotional or spiritual — during this time. For more details on how to cope up with mercury retrogade, read here.

I don't know why that word resonates with me. Maybe because I am there. I am in retrogade. Whatever that means.

Suze Orman and how she's revolutionizing women and money. Have always been a fan of Suze Orman and it's such a nice thing that she came here in the country to educate us about handling finances. "Hope is not a financial plan," she says.

iMessaging with one of my bestfriends in Adelaide <3

We used to be neighbors so we used to be at each other's beck and call. iMessage is now the next best thing and quite obviously, we message each other even the most mundane of things.

This picture is an understatement of all the Cyndi-Lauper-ing we did that night. | Craft

 It's been a while.

 Tim Gunn: A Guide to Quality Taste and Style had me revisiting my closet and my taste, and I had good laughs while reading, too!

 I spent my Saturday learning about glowing looks, night makeup and taking a stab at avant garde, which I think wasn't too bad! =P {Excuse the wrong spelling}

Not only did I learn so much -- I met new friends and my love for colors and challenging eye shadows were revived. Thank you, shu uemura!

Speaking of shu uemura:

shu uemura's s/s 2012 collection is just divine! More on the collection this week.

Draw Something and the unrecognizable drawings. Sorry Pao! =P

A therapeutic weekend of cleaning every single brush I own. I'm pretty sure my readers can relate! =)

 23 degree mornings. Good morning texts.

Finalized summer plans and yay for Bantayan, Cebu!

 This was how my calendar looked like all week. It was stressful and challenging at the same time to follow everything by the hour.

Grey Anatomy's Meredith Grey.

I never thought I'd find a kindred TV character but there was so much in her character that was so parallel in my life. #relatenarelate #latebloomer. I'm so addicted to Grey's Anatomy everyone knows I'm The Girl Who Watches Grey's Anatomy. Well, she is my current favorite TV show character, next to 2 Broke Girls' Max Black and Suits' Rachel Zane. Speaking of TV characters, gotta love these quotes from Mad Men, by the series' Mad Women:

"You want to be taken seriously? Stop dressing like a little girl." - Joan Holloway

"Only the boring get bored." - Betty Draper

Sundays. That feeling wherein you're beginning to get the hang of the weekend and bursting with excitement over Mondays at the same time. Then again, I think I'm the only one who gets excited over Mondays.

Sharing this video which was removed by the owner for a time and is now back up. My most favorite proposal video ever. :) Just beautiful.

What made your week?