An Urban Ashram in Manila

Sometimes, I want to start a yoga blog. Then again, I think of my original intent and purpose for naming this blog Chronicles of Vanity --  a thing I don't ttribute to just pretty things, I have always attributed vanity for me, myself and the things that make me up.

Or maybe I am just lazy =P

Over the weekend, I had the very wonderful privilege of discovering a nice sanctuary for ambisyosa yogis like me: The Urban Ashram.

The thing is, I have been to a number of yoga shalas {studios} and while some are purist and fine, some can be quite the military gym type. If there was anything I have learned over that weekend, asanas  are just one and a small part of the entire yoga life. There was zen, there was the overall goal of meditation, there was karma, there was truth. But I shall stick to the studio for now:

Urban Ashram is located at a building on Brixton St. in Kapitolyo and at the ground floor is a desert place where I of course, just had to stop at. :D

Welcome to an ashram in the metro.

 Yoga is something, as I had discovered that week, that I want to share.

 Obviously, the folks who come here {just like it is where I come regularly} is a community.

Watching intensely as our teacher for the weekend,  Joan Hyman, demonstrated a flying pigeonNotice the bewildered "I hope I can do that" looks :D

Urban Ashram has full shower facilities and it was a joy to take a shower at UA because...

 ... because of this Lemongrass Liquid Soap and a partner Lemongrass Conditioner and Shampoo.

I normally do not use soaps and shampoo that are free at showers but I had to make an exception for this because lemongrass just happened to be one of my favorite smells ever. And it's organic, too!

I can't remember why I took this picture :D

Now, all I have to do is find chunks of time in my calendar to practice yoga at UA --- which is BTW having these nice promos -- you can check them out via their official website and Facebook fan page.