Candy in the Sun: Behind the Scenes of the Parisian Bloggers Pictorial Party

I wasn't entirely sure what I was doing there.

It was a tiring week, I'd been dealing with the heaviest, most nosebleeding tasks I'd ever had in my life and it was a Saturday. I needed all the sleep I could but there I was -- at Elite Manila at A. Venue, getting ready to preen and pose for Parisian Shoes Bloggers Pictorial Party.

It was a Saturday so I was still sleepy. Around me, faces I know from the fashion blogging world mingled about and took photos and I, as always, reveled in my quietness {always a welcome change} and sipped my coffee. My head still buzzed from mulling over spreadsheets from the previous day and I truly, truly wasn’t sure what I’d do next, how to pose {shoutouts to fashion bloggers who surely knew what they were doing.

Ang galing!}, or if I packed the right sets of clothes.

The first thing I noticed were details -- I need not be confused where to go, the parking {even the parking details were taken cared of}, which shoes to wear, where to put my clothes, what time my slot was, who was going to do my makeup and all of that. I'm not a model {and I had a hard time posing in front of the camera} --- but I can organize and entire shoot, and have had done this a million times for a living, so I guess there's merit when I say the entire shoot was stress-free.

I am barely a human being before 12 NN on Saturdays, here I am, ready to have my hair fixed and my makeup done.

 Makeup is brought to you by Max Factor's Bobby Carlos.

 The visual merch is obviously a step up from Parisian Shoes.

As a kid, I've known Parisian as the in-house brand of Philippines' biggest department store, SM. Over the years, they used to be known to have generic styles which weren't exactly durable and hurt the feet. Starting a few years ago and continuing to the present, the brand has evolved into a stylish brand which houses inexpensive, durable and comfortable heels {yes, the tributes don't hurt}. I'm not kidding --- my strappies from the 2010 PFW is still alive and I used it at a social function which I will blog about soon!

All foundationed up. Max Factor's Age Elixir in Sand 60 is a perfect match. <3

Most days, this is what am wearing {see here and here} and a light touch of setting powder. I love it that Bobby Carlos complimented my eyebrows. Thank you, Browhaus!

I chose which pairs first -- and thought of outfits to revolve around them. Thank you Rocio {of OMD} for your patience in me and my fickleness in shoe choices. <3

I wanted to wear this outfit but I found it too serious for a Saturday morning. I wore it to another shoot instead. :D

 Polka Dotted Girls.  I finally bumped into Krissy, a school mate back in university and yes, we're both wearing polka dots! <3

I still get a kick from being professionally photographed by Niko Villegas. {Thank you, Parisian Shoes people for taking my BTS photos!}

Here with the very pretty Jamei Pangilinan of Rustan's Max Factor. 

 The very fasyon and cutie pie, Bobby Carlos, who was responsible for making me look decent on a Saturday morning <3 Thank you for the conversations about yoga and fitness, Bobby!

I haven't seen the final photos but when I do, I'll definitely share them here! :) Thank you to SM's Parisian Shoes, OMD and Max Factor for making me a part of this fun day. It certainly was worth waking up early!


To see their new {and super nice!} collections, please visit the Parisian Shoes and Bags Facebook page here and follow them on Twitter here.