The Madonna of Curls: Foxy Curls by Bed Head

It was a hot and humid afternoon and I was at the village's pool, splayed in the club's chaise lounge, trying not to get dehydrated while sipping Bacardi mojitos {a steal at less than Php 500, I promise, and I intend to keep a bottle for the future} when out of the blue:

Friend #1: Kainggit, gusto ko din ipanganak na kulot like you. {looks at me}
Friend #2: Sino naman nagsabi sayo na kulot si Tara talaga?
Friend #1: {looks at me} Hindi ka ba talaga kulot?
Me: Nope. *grins and sips mojito*
Friend #1: Oh my gosh! All this time akala ko kulot ka talaga?!
Me: Seryoso? Wait, ang tagal na nating friends ah?!

It's been almost six years since I've last seen myself with straight black hair, really. To honor this special moment of actually racking my brain trying to remember how I looked like with straight, jet black hair, here are some blasts from the past, social suicide photos from my teenage years:

What iz ugleeeeh. I think I was 16 here.

And then I was 17 here, with my college barkada -- one of which {second from left} is almost a priest! =)

I can be quite the simple girl -- I can hardly recognize this girl! :D

 Graduation Day. Say hi to the blue mascara of my BFF!  {Yes, we were very kikay even then}. And we WERE so thin! Convinced yet? =P

It's been six {almost seven!} that I've permed my hair the traditional way {yes, think Pagoda Cold Wave lotion na mas sushal} and even then, hair styling products are hits and misses. Surely, I've found those that make me look human in the morning and I've stuck with them, in fact, I still have them in my boudoir to this day. During a conversation with Kira, a fellow curly haired girl, we talked about by the afternoon, curls are wilted, no matter what product. She gave me a gift to try, TIGI Bed Head's Foxy Curls to exhaust and see if they work on me and my curls. A little tidbit: I first heard of this product when I, and several girls were discussing curly hair products at Sasha's blog.

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to use this product: Smooth onto curls. That is all.

 All I need for my hair --- which if you think about it -- this is still too much.

Like I've said over and over --- hair products need not be expensive. After all, it is just hair. However, when you want to go the extra distance of looking different, or maintaining your curls or taming away the frizz -- don't you want to take advantage of the product and push the envelope further and have it stay all day?

It was what got me to try this gift -- the promise of longer-staying curls.

7:30 AM. Taken before coming to work, applied Foxy Curls when my hair was about 20% dry, relatively damp, I'd say --- ACHIEVE! Me thinks. No one would believe I was born with straight hair HAHA.

During the afternoon, 5 PM-ish {of another day}, I asked an officemate to take random photos of me {meaning she can't tell me so my hair is caught on candid camera} and look:

4:30 PM. I look cougar-ish from the back. Foxy enough?

 5:00 PM. Body kung body.

5:30 PM. It looks the same to me.

In conclusion of a very photo-heavy post, TIGI Bed Head Foxy Curls Contour Cream delivers --- and with flying colors, too. With my experience with products which tame and style boucles in the morning, I wasn't particularly crazy in achieving curly hair in the afternoon. To me, that's a bonus but then again, that will just work for me especially I attend events and gatherings and my social life in the evening. I was elated that while the cream was sticky in my hands, they dried up well in my curls and it didn't look as if I had to wake up real early to skin coconuts and get its essence {gata, as in gata of niyog}.Another bonus is the honey-caramel smell which is just too amazing for words.

In the grand scheme of all curl styling products I have tried, this purple bottled, brown liquid clearly takes the top spot. This is the Madonna of curly hair products!

The salon price is pretty hefty though, Php 1,645 is not cheap --- but no one has to use this every day. I'd reckon I'd use this less frequently -- only when I have an affair in the evening, a shoot, a special meeting, or 'leads generation' {last phrase is an inside joke, FYI}. :D

Would I recommend this to curly-haired folks? YES. But only if you're digi-permed, trad-permed or born curly.

I don't think a contour cream would work on just wavy hair -- after all, there is nothing to contour. If your hair falls under the curly category, achieving a state of hair nirvana is pretty easy with this product.

TIGI Bed Head Foxy Curls is available at the following: Basement Salons {Rockwell, Shangri La, Eastwood}, Essensuals {Megamall, Trinoma, 6750} Emphasis Rockwell, Henri Calayag {GB Residences}, Studio 546 {Shangri La Mall}, TIGI Bed Head Office {Pasig City}