The Trifecta of Smooth Skin: Nanny Rose Salves

Perfection was never, at least in my book, easy. But it's achievable.

You know how when we watch the TV or browse through magazines and we see all these models with perfect fair feet, porcelain elbows and soft-looking complexion?

Kainggit, di ba?

For so long, I'd always get insecure about my skin, which is very sensitive and dry. Over years, my mother and my grandma would scold me for not applying lotion {ang init naman kasi sa Pilipinas}and I never really listened.

Until I lived alone and had nothing / no one to care about {gee, that sounds about very selfish}, I learned and found the time to apply all kinds and brands of moisturizers to different areas of the body. In fact, over the years, I realized that moisture is truly important in keeping a healthy-looking skin: di bale nang mainitan.  Upon my prodding, I find that the one thing common among mestiza-ish women, those with seemingly clear skin, is the constant use of lotion.With this discovery, I had become obsessed with hand, foot, elbow, knee, leg and body lotion. One of my not too recent discoveries are the salves from a favorite local brand,

Nanny Rose, tools I have identified I will be using to dominate the world achieve soft, perfection-level skin.

Top: Mild Like Chamomile After Wax Salve | Nanny Rose Queen Bee Hand + Elbow Salve | Nanny Rose Queen Bee The Common Mint Peppermint Foot Salve

I first discovered Nanny Rose when I had that shopping spree {in celebration of being back in civilization} at Watson's Forbestown. Having a DIY wax product surely merits post-wax care --- and then some.

Mild Like Chamomile After Wax Salve

I use this salve right after every session of hair removal and as evidenced in this blog --- that can be rather  frequent.

Here are observations, from a girl who loves waxing:

  • Skin can be burnt, or stressed out or dry and a little itchy after waxing. This wax helped in relieving the distress my skin had undergone.
  • Avoid skin ingrowns by constant application of lotion and in this case, after wax salve, to skin affected by waxing.
  • The chamomile scent is very faint --- which is fine by me, as it did its job of being moisturizing.
  • The consistency is medium. Not too thick, not too liquid.
  • Php 139 for an 80 mL jar --- not bad at all!
  • I kind of really like the tin jar. Plus, I think I will forever be partial and automatically biased towards Nanny Rose's adorable packaging.
  • What's the difference with this and regular lotion? To be honest, I don't know --- the essential oils, maybe and my pragmatic side is completely deadma. But then again, if I had wanted one product to use all over my body, on all body parts, then I would just be like a guy and I don't like that.
  • Calming. That's the word. It's calming to the skin.

Would I recommend this product? Of course --- especially if you're the wax queen like I am.

Sweet as a Pea Hand + Elbow Salve

 These products happen to be my most photographed products --- soooo photogenic!

"A perfect sweetheart to remedy life's rough patches." If only we can salve life's real patches. #Emo

There is this self help book which has taught me a valuable lesson: Never shake hands with dry / cracked hands. In the corporate world, no matter how high your position is, and regardless of the degree of impossible things you do, if you shake people's hands and well, if they notice --- they notice. Thankfully, it has yet to happen to me and I won't let it. In the first drawer under my table at work is a tube of Crabtree and Evelyn's La Source Hand Therapy and Nanny Rose's Hand and Elbow Salve.

Here are some notes:

  • If you're the kind who washes her hands all throughout the day multiple times -- apply hand cream every after time. You wouldn't notice the difference immediately, but over time, people would touch you and get surprised at how soft your hands are. True story. I promise.
  • If you're also the kind who rinses hands always with alcohol -- apply hand cream every after time. Alcohol, even if it promises to be moisturizing, tends to dry out the hands.
  • I particularly like Nanny Rose's hand salve because it's not too thick {C&E can be thick sometimes and therefore, malagkit}. The texture does not get in the way of furious typing and mad short-keying.
  • Ugly elbows are a no no. After I use White Result on my elbows, I apply a generous amount of this salve.
  • I love the smell. I gotta stop smelling my hands. Right now.
  • The toothpaste-ish packaging is beyond adorbs {a little thin but adorable nonetheless}. Aside from that, it reminds me too of La Source's packaging. I guess I have the same taste in hand creams!
  • How I apply hand cream: I gingerly spread it on the back of my hand and then inside. One time, two female officemates saw me do this and they stared at me like I just said something blasphemous. A famous derma once said: You can botox everything, but not your hands. So I treat them with extra care =)
  • Reasonably priced at less than Php 200.

Would I recommend this product? Yes --- but there are a plethora of hand creams out there. Know which ones suit your taste.

Nanny Rose The Common Mint Peppermint Foot Salve

And of course. My favorite of them all =)

I have a nightly ritual of plopping myself onto the bed, just right after taking a shower. I prop my head onto huge pillows, watch Grey's Anatomy on my iPad and start massaging my foot with this. This goes on until about half of the program and the tiredest of feet is not too tired anymore.

If it's not yet obvious, I am completely in love with the Nanny Rose Common Mint Peppermint Foot Salve. Let me count the ways:

  • There's a little minty, cold feeling that my feet get when I massage them onto my toes. Saraaaaap!
  • The salve seems to be absorbed easily -- as opposed to a previous foot cream I had prior. I had to put on socks because they won't dry as easily.
  • Have I said how much I love smelling peppermint on my feet?
  • I love waking up to the feeling of soft feet.
  • Dry heels are a no no. Fight them with a tube of this.
  • Reasonably priced at less than Php 200.

Would I recommend this? Even you would know the answer to that =) 

Overall comment: The Nanny Rose salves are definitely less viscous than say, Crabtree and Evelyn or The Body Shop's hand cream. In a place with colder climate, or to people with extremely  dry skin, those would be better but for me, a citizen of this hot city, Manila, and with normal/dry skin, NR is a pretty good choice.

As Nanny Rose and the team behind it are gearing up for the already blaring summer, they'd like to give shoppers a summer treat! For every purchase of a wax starter kit, the shopper get's a pretty reusable cloth bag, perfect for toting those summer essentials this hot months of April and May!

Bring your salves to the beach! I know I will <3 And that, my dear readers, is how I plan to achieve smooth, perfect skin.

Have you tried any of the salves above? What do you think? How do you achieve soft,  mala porselana skin? Share?

Nanny Rose is exclusively distributed by Watson's. Visit their Facebook page here.