Chronicles of Beaches: Bantayan Island, Cebu

I don't know if it's just me but the most beautiful getaways seem to be the ones that are so hard to reach. They are the ones that take away the grit of city life, the ones that plunge you into primitive ways of living --- and you find yourself endeared, refreshed, renewed --- and never the same again.

The road to Bantayan.

Inside White Beach Bungalows

Of course the first thing my brother does upon arriving is plop himself in front of the TV.

... and the first thing I did was plop myself in front of the sea.

Rashguards and the fear of sunburn.

Sun Buddies.

Trust me, it's paradise.

Doing what you gotta do.

The Fault in Our Stars

 No makeup allowed.

... and with the people you love.

Can't wait to hop into a plane and soar off somewhere again.