Career Woman Diaries: The Armani of Scents -- Acqua di Gioia

Blame it on the acquired marketer in me {after all, I'd like to believe I'm a communicator above all else}. At the whiff of a scent's top notes, through the journey to its middle notes and its base wafting, emanating from me, I have in my head a complete picture of who the subject of the scent would have to be. Scents, after all, were just like any other touch we tack onto ourselves, just like a pile of bangles on the arm and a a pretty skirt on a spring day:

It is intended to communicate what's inside of us.

In January, I discovered the scent that begets respect from people from the top management. I say this in all candor -- I perfunctorily found out about it in jest. It was the same with the Armani of Scents --- Acqua di Gioia.

My Acqua di Gioia is still fresh from the fridge, where I keep all my perfumes for better storage and lasting scent.

Here is the thing: If I can walk to anywhere wearing all Armani, I would. I really would. When I get married, I'd like my groom to be wearing Armani. I'd like my little ring bearers and groomsmen to be wearing Armani. I would prefer that my guests arrive in Armani suits. The suit, and most importantly, an Armani one, conveys so much in a perfect, tailored concoction.

With its utmost precision, you can tell it's an Armani.

To me, it conveys the utmost accuracy of which a suit is tailor-made. To me, an Armani suit does not restrict movement is most of all natural to the wearer's actions.

To me, the Armani suit is an armor of confidence, it's impossible to feel small in it. It's impossible to feel insecure. It's impossible to be inadequate.

And this, my friends, is the message that Acqua di Gioia puts forward.

There is a charming sense of jubilation from the very first vegetal notes which are carried along in a deliciously heady current of crushed Mint, with a zest of Italian Limone Primo Fiore Femminelle, harvested from the first spring blossoms in Calabria.This emotion transforms into an aquatic renaissance with a delicate and crystalline nature derived from the scent of Water Jasmine, giving the perfume sophisticated and unexpected facets. At its base, ACQUA DI GIOIA bears the signature of water rooted in the Earth, revealed by luscious Cedar sprinkled with sensuous Brown Sugar and Labdanum, which is one the rare plants to possess animal notes.

If there's a character I can think of who would wear this, it would definitely be Kim Raver's Nico Riley.

What I Love:

  • Acqua di Gioia is not at all typical fruity, feminine scent. When I first walked into a crowd, the ones who actually took notice of the fragrance were my rather androgynous, non-girly friends, as opposed to older women, floral fans, trendy teeners or fashionista youngins. It was surprising to note that while it starts on a rather citrusy, minty note, the drydown is a pretty woody musk.
  • The woman who wears Acqua di Gioia as I imagine is always in something tailored but sexy, neutral in color but stands out from the crowd.
  • It is much like it's masculine and very popular counterpart, Acqua di Gio. It smells like the color aqua and is quite the refreshment for the nose on a summer day.
  • Acqua di Gio and Acqua di Gioia has a CSR program wherein for every like to their Facebook page, 50 liters of water will be donated to communities with water shortage.
  • All Armani scents are available at Rustan's Department Store.
  • The water drop bottle <3
  • Really, it's Armani. 

What I Don't Like:

  • Longevity may be a bit of an issue with Acqua di Gioia, being a very light scent. Then again, there's its sister Acqua di Gioia Essenza for that, a heavier, more seductive version.

In conclusion, I am very much enamored with the female Armani scent -- so much so that if I see that I have items on my planner that involve things I'm scared of, I switch whatever my perfume is to this for that extra boost of confidence. I'd like to believe it works!

What's your 'confidence' scent?

Price: Retails for Php 3,000 at Rustan's Stores.