What I Know For Sure: Home

Lately, words escape me.

1. Dress up as if you're going to meet the love of your life. I can't stress this enough: Dress up. Barney of HIMYM was coming from a good place when he always say "Suit up." We don't necessarily have to be in a suit {but I personally like a man who wears a suit well, and frequently}, but a a tailored dress, a nice blazer, a fun dress doesn't call for an extra-special occasion. All it takes is a bit of effort and a little flair -- because I don't know if I ever will forgive myself if I suddenly bump into Johnny Depp asking me to come with him to Monaco and I am in my sloppiest outfit. And I am sure every single one of my mentors will not forgive me, too. Plus, who knows what nice thing could happen to any one of us, right?

2. You know you've lived a good life when you're excited to come home. Traveling is so much fun but at the tail end of a trip, if your toes are wiggling in anticipation of the thought of coming home {and the people you can't wait to see}, it's the sign of a life well lived, a life worth coming back home to.

3. Say it like you mean it. I'm guilty of processing thoughts like how I'd write them: There's always a premise. So I say things with A LOT of premise, which complicates things, most often. I tried one time to just blurt out whatever I needed to say and it produced very good results. More of that then, I guess.

4. It's NOT personal. It's hardly ever is. So stop thinking most things {work, or otherwise} are about you.

5. Know when and when not to apologize. Surely, a lot of cliches are about forgiving and apologizing when the need arises but we Filipinos, the humble race that we are surely apologizes too much sometimes. Know when to stand the ground and keep the head up high.

Much love from the faraway left field,