Now and Then: The Girl Who Wears Zen Zest

It takes just one whiff of a scent I've used in the past, a scent I've smelled regularly from parts of my history, to trigger a deluge of memories. One very humid Saturday morning, a glimpse of who I was and the things I did back when I was an awkward teenager came tumbling on to my mind.

Zen Zest's Tangerine EDT was my scent du jour back in high school, a refreshing blend of melons. Of course, that was if I had extra money --- I was just like any other student trying to live on a meager allowance, after all. At that time, feeling shushal  already if I can afford Tangerine {which I could pero tipid}. On so many levels, as I, and a couple of beauty bloggers gathered over brunch at this very Parisian interior restaurant, Cafe Romulo, I couldn't help but remember my high school days.

I may have changed so much physically {what with all these things I do to myself} but I will always be the literature geek people thought me to be.

In high school, aside from obviously being conscious about scents, I remembered how I used to be very unassertive, compared to today. As everyone might've gone through, I've had my share of high school fights, bullies, mean girls {sometimes the mean girl, sometimes the aping aping bata}. Thinking about those silly crushes in high school, all the afternoons we'd be playing at the courts {I played sepak takraw, who'd have thought?}, getting injured in basketball and getting rescued by my high school crush, getting awards from hard work --- It was amazing how one can affirm what have happened through those years. I eventually made a living out of writing {was the paper's editor in chief} and well, I have a bit of fair athletic life now. A little :D

As if that was not enough, I began to dig up some more photos of me and I was giggling so much I just have to share with you!

1. Kinder and Grade 4 ID pictures. Galit ako sa mundo.
2. Third year high school
3. My first year college photo that looks like a mug shot.
4. College {obviously natuto na akong magproject}
5. 6th grade yearbook picture
6. The day I turned 18
7. I am finally a free person!

There were many other memories that were dug up during the brunch {HA you have to be there to know!}, but one thing I know for sure: We never forget that memory etched with the scent. I had to restrain myself from enumerating every single person whom I can remember when we were sniffing each of the Zen Zest fragrances, which are all getting a fresh look, but still on a very affordable tag:

Surely, today, I get inspired and attracted and swayed to invest in expensive scents {no more a student, that's why} but whenever I want to smell like the girl I was before, and the girl I will always be inside, I'd reach out for a bottle of Zen Zest's Tangerine.

As if I can resist, here are some photos with the pretty bloggers who were present at the Zen Zest brunch:

Ava {and cutie pie Aidan},  Jheng, Shenny, Martha, Jackie and me

Dream Sequence: To be a librarian! My high school self would've been so happy :D

Hello, Chin! Remember this dress?

I'd like to believe that the girl who wouldn't smile as a kid can't stop smiling now. I guess I've changed so much!

And of course, a group picture with Michelle Asence - Fontelera, founder of Zen Zest, which she started alone 11 years ago --- due to heartbreak. This woman is truly inspiring --- all I have to show for myself after every heartbreak are just shopping bags!

I'm very sure you also used Zen Zest or still are --- what's your Zen Zest choice?