Campus BDJ: We've Got Winners!

Congratulations to the lucky readers who won one Campus BDJ planner each! Thank you for joining, everyone!

The section of the Campus BDJ that would be most beneficial to me is the Sem Break Planner because I looove going on trips and this would be the best way to plan ahead. With this on hand, I won't have to worry about where to go, what to do and buy aaannndd most importantly, I won't spend too much outside of the budget! Plus, connected with this is the Menstrual Tracker so that I know when to plan my trips! Campus BDJ is definitely a must-have and need for me! :D
Jen Lapis
The most beneficial section of the Campus BDJ for me is the 'Sem Break Plans' cuz me and my friends loves to travel and explore new things during our break! I think that would be very helpful for me and to my beloved friends :) 
Marvi Buncaras

Congrats, girls and check your inboxes re: prize details!