Tropical Rejuvenation in the City | A Review of Pevonia

Once upon a time, I was a city girl who loved her tropical city to no end. And without conditions.

Well, I still do. I still love Manila but just like any other relationship {like Carrie's date with her city, New York}, I have to consciously and consistently date my city to remind myself to look beyond its flaws. And what best way to do that than to duck into a quiet corner in Rockwell and spend a chunk of my day with my skin being sloughed off, in the comforts of the relaxing interiors of The Spa's contemporary designs?

Like every single career girl, a full working week can harrow us to no end: there are the inhumane deadlines, the impossible colleagues {Ha!}, the maddening everyday traffic, motorcycles on the road, makulit people who like calling you in the wee hours of the night, people who do not like listening, people who push their ideas down your throat --- okay you get my point.

There will be no end to the stressors in our lives, and I am sure even if we all become hermits, something will eventually become stressful and we all need that thing to make us destressed. And in my book, ang malosyang sa stress, talo.

And what better way to shake off the losyang level stress than to lock myself from the rest of the world and spend three precious hours of my life inside The Spa?

It was my first time to visit The Spa at Rockwell. I didn't know there was a branch at the second floor!

 With Pevonia's Elaine and Jenny

 Going inside my hideaway for the day: Suite 6

Weekend garb + Before changing into the white The Spa Robe.

Always something to look forward to: The Spa's Ginger Tea. YUM!

 In every suite is a set of your own warm towels, robe, slippers, really nice chairs and soft pillows.

 The treatment I chose for my short retreat was called Tropical Rejuvenation:

Travel to this oasis for noticeably smoother, firmer, radiantly glowing skin. Mango, passion fruit, and yogurt brighten and even out skin tone, counteract aging, and deliver anti-aging benefits.
-The Spa Wellness

How was it?

Despite the fear of being electrocuted, I was taking photos in the tub :D

The treatment began promptly after I was given 30 minutes to enjoy the jacuzzi. Soon enough, a therapist was wheeling in a cart of bottles and cling wraps:

Pevonia Mango Passion Fruit Deaging Saltmousse, mist, Pevonia deaging body balm and lotion.

{So shushal the stuff they're using!}

Here's how they look like in bottles:

The next hour was pure heaven of scrubbing and sloughing off. I immediately felt the cleansing changes that came with the scrubs. I never admitted it before but I am an avid fan of scrubs. Ever since I've discovered how beneficial it is to have layers upon layers removed from the body, I've devoted one weekend to being scrubbed off like labada to make sure new and glowing skin emerges. It is worth the effort!

The Good:

  • If you're the body scrub type like I am, the Tropical Rejuvenation is perfect for you --- especially if you're in the mood to indulge and spend on the suite or villa, it can kind of feel like heaven on earth.
  • I kind of wanted to lick my arms after my scrub. I smelled like a farm of mangoes! Mangoes with sweetened milk and fruits! Like dessert! 
  • To quote local parlance: Lakas maka-glow! No more dead skin cells!

On Wednesday, I was ready to love my city once again.

  • If you add a massage before the scrub {comes separately}, it would already have been sinful. But heavenly --- how's that for an amazing irony?
  • The wrap {in yogurt} left me touching my arms all day. Smoother skin, indeed!

The Bad:

  •  It doesn't come cheap --- that's Php 3,000 a pop but then again, quality and privacy doesn't come cheap nowadays so that's completely understandable.
  • Nothing else, what's not to like?

Overall recommendation: Advisable for career girls, working moms, frazzled people, and basically anyone who's looking forward to take the day off, literally, all the dead skin cells and just to hide away from the rest of the city. It certainly worked for me and revived my love for my city. Some days, I could feel myself having this instead of my usual massage at The Spa {yes, I hie off to the BGC branch every so often after work}.

What's your take on body scrubs and dating your city? Do share!